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New Members Information

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Paisley Velo Cycling Club

New Members Information

Welcome to Paisley Velo Cycling Club.


Paisley Velo Cycling Club are always looking to Welcome New Members to our Club to participate in Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike Cycling.

We specialise in Road Cycling at all levels, running regular Saturday and Sunday Cycles.   We enter Sportives, have Weekend Cycling trips and Social events throughout the year.


Fast bunch cycle on a Saturday Morning and Tuesday Evening this is only for accomplished cyclist who are used to cycling and handling a bike in a bunch and at fast pace.


We have regular Midweek and Saturday cycles posted on our WhatsApp page for cyclist to come along for a Social cycle.


Time Trial Competition Thursday Nights, which we held on the lead up to the Georgetown Cup,  we like to enter a team for this competition

There is also a Hill Climb Competition where we encourage all members to take part.



New members with no cycle bunch experience would be encouraged to join the Wee Ring. In this ring you are taught, bunch ring skills and shouts which help your cycling experience in whatever cycling ring you are in.




We have 3 cycling groups (rings), Wee 30 to 40 miles / Middle 40 to 60 miles / Big 60 plus miles

The Meeting Point for Sunday Social Cycles is 0850 for 0900 start at Paisley Abbey.  We cycle all year round.

In Summer meeting times might change to earlier time, keep eye on the Paisley Velo Forum, 6 week calendar and WhatsApp for any changes.

Winter cycles we tend to do less miles on a Sunday Social Cycle.



Club cycles tend to have a few hills involved in whatever ring you are in (regrouping top of hills in your respective group). Each ring has a Captain who is responsible for posting a cycling route on the Forum and ensure that we keep a tight, safe cycling bunch on a cycle. Depending on what ring you join speed will go up, Wee being slowest, (PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ONLY AS FAST AS SLOWEST CYCLIST IN WHATEVER RING YOU ARE IN).

All members would have a bike fit for cycling and a base cycling fitness be comfortable cycling for 2 – 3 hours with Café stop.



We also have members who regularly go on Gravel and Mountain Bike cycles, theses are posted on the forum and WhatsApp group



It is important that we have a common approach to our Bunch riding to keep us safe and to help bring on the newer members.

We hope you will find this to be informative and that it will help you to be a safe member to ride with on our bunch cycles.


Here is a summary of what you should concentrate on for your club rides:

  • Make sure you bike is roadworthy and safe. Carry out your ‘M’ check as a minimum.
  • Make sure you are roadworthy, fit and healthy enough to bunch ride, appropriate clothing, carry the right food and tools/spares.
  • Ride smoothly, avoid abrupt changes in pace and position.
  • Smooth change overs. Avoid accelerating/decelerating.
  • Pass communications front to back and vice versa.
  • Keep an eye out for hand signals and look as far ahead as possible to allow you forward plan in good time.
  • From the back shout forward when it is clear to change lane and/or overtake parked cars.
  • Don’t be afraid to highlight any issues to your ring captain. 
  • There will be times when we will shout ‘single up’. This is normally when we are on a twisty road when we are aware of traffic building up behind  and therefore drivers can become a little stressed. So, the shout may come from back at times.
  • Sign and call down the line and to the inside for things like obstacles, potholes and change of pace. Be vocal and clear with verbal communication.
  • Concentrate at all times, including when talking to the rider next to you.
  • Never pass on the inside of a rider.
  • Ride within your abilities, don’t overextend yourself when bunch riding.
  • Potholes and debris (Glass) If you are approaching a pothole, glass, the lead rider points out the hole by calling and signalling with a pointed left or right depending on which side they are passing. This should be passed down the bunch.
  • Stopping for lights Ideally, think of the bunch as one vehicle. The leaders will decide if the bunch stops at the light or goes through. As soon as the light turns Amber, the leaders will call out loudly “STOPPING” if they are bringing the group to a halt.
  • If they decide there is not enough space to stop the group safely light has just changed to amber, they will call out “ROLLING” and the whole group goes through
  • The Highway Code states that we should not ride more than 2 abreast so we need to heed this rule along with some other rules as set out .




  • Bike safe and fit for cycling
  • Helmet (No helmet no cycle with club)
  • Spare Tubes
  • Pump
  • Tyre Levers
  • Multitool (if you have one not compulsory)
  • Nutrition (Water bottle and snack for cycle)
  • Money for Café Stop
  • Mobile, Adequate Cycling Clothing

If you are interested in joining the Paisley Velo Cycling Club, contact [email protected]


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