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Hill Climb Championship 2019 Week 1 of 2 - 15 Sept

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This year will see the HCC being contested over 2 rides instead of 1. Week 1 will be on 15 September and the second week on the 6th October. Weather permitting of course, although we need to conclude it by the 20th of October at the very latest in advance of the AGM and Presentation of awards the following week.


Week 1 will be on the Bowfield climb that we are all very familiar with. Nice and short and not too steep. The second run will either be on the Braes climb, as previous years, or we may switch to Auchenlodment. We shall decide well in advance so watch this space as I would like to check out the road condition on each climb, safe start and finish conditions etc.


So, we will meet at 9am at the Abbey as usual, cycle out to the venue, take names, set start times and commence the race at 1m intervals. Thereafter, we will continue, probably in 2 groups on a wee leg loosening club run.


Let’s get good numbers out for these. Even if you don’t see yourself as much of a climber, it is still great to take part and compete in a club event. You never know, you may win a prize for effort!!


See you soon





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Week 1 of the PVCC HCC done then on a cool but reasonably calm Sunday morning on the Bowfield. 10 riders competed so given that it is a 2 stage event, they will be the 10 riders who will compete for the overall prizes. 


As expected Dave McCormack is setting the pace and will be difficult to catch on week 2, unless he gets a mechanical - which could be arranged!! 😉 We have a cracking battle for the second and third places with Kevin Carr putting in a fast time and Danny Thomson not far behind and with a longer route on Auchenlodment these small time splits could be easily made up. We have a very close grouping between Dimitar, Mark, Terry, & Andy who all had really good rides and they are by no means out of the race for trophy.


Thanks to Sandy, Tahir and Gavin for helping me with the timing and starts.


All to play for, see you on the 6th October.



  Paisley Velo CC Hill Climb Championship Week 1 Bowfield 15/09/19 Week 2 Auchenlodment 06/10/19
1 Dave McCormack 03:59:00  
2 Kevin Carr 04:18:00  
3 Danny Thomson 04:25:00  
4 Dimitar Nechev 04:42:00  
5 Mark Grabham 04:43:00  
6 Terry Nelson 04:51:00  
7 Andy McLeod 04:58:00  
8 Andy Taylor 05:17:00  
9 Geoff Clark 05:23:00  
10 Ian Morris 05:58:00  



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Week 2 and final event for the Hill Climb Championship this Sunday 6th October at Auchenlodment hill In Johnstone. The Strava section starts after a bend in the road but I am not keen on this start position as I feel it is dangerous. So, we’ll start back along the road at football ground.




We will meet as we did last time at the Abbey at 9am where I will take names for the starter sheet. Then we will head out to Johnstone Burgh football ground.


This is a hard ride and a fair distance at 3.6k but thankfully it is not all uphill and has a downhill section and a few flats.


I must add that the forecast at the minute is not great so keep and eye on this post and the WhatsApp group.


Look forward to seeing you Sunday.





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Guys, it was a pity that we had to cancel this on Sunday but the weather conditions were not conducive to safe cycling. Given that it will not  be possible now to rearrange this due to some people being unavailable and the AGM/Presentation of awards this month we shall use the Bowfield times for this year's championship results.


So, congratulations to Dave McCormack for back to back wins, to Kevin Carr and Danny Thomson for second and third places.


Thanks to all of the other competitors for making it a good event.


Hopefully the guys will be at the AGM to accept their awards.


See you soon.





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