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Big / Middle ring 18th July

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This Sunday we  will leave the Abbey at 8 am ( notetime )  we are heading to Helensburgh ( gel stop monument ) then onto Kilgreggon , cafe stop , we cycle back same way back till Glen Fruin over to Balloch and back to base, approx 70 to 80 miles


 We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on the day and we wait at the top of hills , we start together we finish together


Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and Plenty fluids. Money for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!!  


See you at Abbey 0750


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9 of us met for 8am at the Abbey - Ian, Dave R, Andy T, Adian, James, Michael, Dimitar, Mark H and myself. With the planned run being a fairly long one our thoughts were on the weather as the forecast didn't look too great from early afternoon onwards so it was fingers crossed and off we went.


We set off at a decent pace and we almost made it to Helensburgh incident free. James' rear tubular had decided it'd had enough and sprayed sealant everywhere and including onto me as I was behind him at that bit. Lovely! 🙄 A quick pump up the tyre and we were off again and we soon reached the gel stop at the monument in Helensburgh. Gel stop over and it was wagons roll but almost immediately it was trouble again for James as the tyre had gone again. This time it really was game over for him and it was about turn for him and the dreaded call for the broom wagon. The rest of us cracked on Kilcreggan bound. En-route the group split with Mark, Andy, Dimitar and Aidan turning off to tackle the Peaton Road climb leaving the rest of us to head straight to the cafe albeit having to overcome a cheeky wee climb ourselves. During the cafe stop itself ex Velo member Colin Sales arrived on his club run with JWCC. It was good too see him and with the hello's and pleasantries over it was back on the bikes as we headed to Glen Fruin for the toughest climb of the day. Always a nasty one and we all eventually made it up. Onwards to Balloch and it was homeward bound with the weather, thankfully holding out for us. 


A decent day, a great run with some strong cycling on show. 

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