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  1. This Sunday it's week 3 of the scheduled winter runs and it takes us over the Clyde to Helensurgh. Weather-wise at this stage looks dry but cold so remember those thermals! Leaving the Abbey at 9am it'll be the usual route of Erksine, over the bridge, Dumbarton, Helensburgh, up Sinclair Street then down towards Arden and into Balloch for the cafe stop and then back home. For those wanting extra miles, they can opt to split at Helensburgh and carry on up towards Glen Fruin and over although any overnight frost would need to be considered for safety reasons. Meet at 8.50am at the Abbey bringing the usual stuff ...gels, food, phone, tools etc with the usual club rules applying.
  2. Good numbers at the Abbey this morning with the majority going with the Wee Ring. Middle / Big ringers were Terry, Don, Kevin, Geoff and myself and we set off with the Wee Ring and split from them just after Bishopton where we joined by ex Velo member John Downes who rode with us for a bit. Made rapid progress along West Ferry and Kevin due to time constraints split from us to go up the Clune and head back home as did John shortly after. Battering along the coast the remaining 4 of us soon arrived at The Bagel Basket in Largs just in the nick of time as the JWCC arrived just behind us en masse. Cafe stop over The Haylie Brae beckoned and the least said about that the better! A rapid descent followed down to Kilbirnie and onto the cycle path homeward bound. As always, a great day on the bikes with members looking out for each other.
  3. This week see's the start of the winter runs and week 1 takes the middle/big run to Largs. Leaving the Abbey, we'll head through Bishopton, West Ferry and along the coast to Largs where the usual cafe stop will be at Bagel Basket and then up the Haylie Brae into Kilburnie and finally joining the cycle path back to Paisley. Weather's looking OK at this stage but as is always the case (especially over the winter months) this route is subject to change. Winter months also mean mudguards on bikes...no excuses now, the Velo police will be watching 😉 ! Meet at 8.50am at the Abbey bringing the usual stuff...gels, food, phone, tools etc with the usual club rules applying.
  4. Posting this on behalf of Liam who’ll captain this run. Apologies for the late post. Wee Ring Sun 8th Sept. Leave Paisley by Canal street, towards Elderslie, joining cycle track to Kilbirnie, back towards Beith, Gateside, and up towards the Canny Man at Lugton. Taking a left and crossing country back towards Howwood, coming down the Bowfield, where we stop for coffee. then an easy ride back to Paisley. https://strava.app.link/vBSy0EkULZ Post up please if you are planning on coming out, It really helps with the planning and organisation on the day. 😊 LOOK AT THE ROUTE AND FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH IT! You might be on the front when it's time to turn, make sure you know when and where! 😉 Nice leisurely pace, no one gets left behind, We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on the day and we wait at the top of hills etc....... Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and a drink Plenty fluids. Money for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!! Leaving from Paisley Town Hall at 9am, so get there just before 8.50am!
  5. Weather looking a bit iffy at the moment for Sunday plus numbers will be depleted due to the football so at this stage the plan is to run just one ring staying fairly local meaning plenty of bail out points for those that want to chuck it early or if the weather turns. A final decision of course will be made at the Abbey. Route will be roughly along the lines of https://www.strava.com/routes/21372693 but is subject to change. Meet at 8.50am at the Abbey bringing the usual stuff...gels, food, phone, tools etc with the usual club rules applying. Cheers Tahir
  6. 9 of us met for 8am at the Abbey - Ian, Dave R, Andy T, Adian, James, Michael, Dimitar, Mark H and myself. With the planned run being a fairly long one our thoughts were on the weather as the forecast didn't look too great from early afternoon onwards so it was fingers crossed and off we went. We set off at a decent pace and we almost made it to Helensburgh incident free. James' rear tubular had decided it'd had enough and sprayed sealant everywhere and including onto me as I was behind him at that bit. Lovely! 🙄 A quick pump up the tyre and we were off again and we soon reached the gel stop at the monument in Helensburgh. Gel stop over and it was wagons roll but almost immediately it was trouble again for James as the tyre had gone again. This time it really was game over for him and it was about turn for him and the dreaded call for the broom wagon. The rest of us cracked on Kilcreggan bound. En-route the group split with Mark, Andy, Dimitar and Aidan turning off to tackle the Peaton Road climb leaving the rest of us to head straight to the cafe albeit having to overcome a cheeky wee climb ourselves. During the cafe stop itself ex Velo member Colin Sales arrived on his club run with JWCC. It was good too see him and with the hello's and pleasantries over it was back on the bikes as we headed to Glen Fruin for the toughest climb of the day. Always a nasty one and we all eventually made it up. Onwards to Balloch and it was homeward bound with the weather, thankfully holding out for us. A decent day, a great run with some strong cycling on show.
  7. Earlier than usual start at the Abbey with Ian, Dave B, Michael, James, Aurelien, Rab and guest rider Kenny all heading off at 8am towards the airport where they met myself at the lights at the swing-bridge. With Ian & James leading the pack, we made ourselves out towards the bridge in a disciplined tidy bunch and with everyone taking their turn at the front it wasn't long before we reached Helensburgh. It was at that point Aurelien took advantage of the bail out point and turned back leaving the 7 of us to head up towards and by Faslane as we kept tabs on Rab making sure he didn't end up going up Glen Fruin again as he did before on a previous encounter 😂! After grinding out the climb just after Faslane, we rolled into Arrochar where the ladies at The Three Villages Cafe served up freshly baked warm scones and fruit slices (Andy T, just as well you weren't there as we all know how much you just can't stand WARM scones😉!). Refreshed and ready to go, it was a short but steady climb towards Tarbet and then re-grouping as we headed towards Balloch in single file as the road down was busy. We cut off the main road to join the old A82 where although it's traffic free, the emphasis is definitely placed on the word "old" as we found the surface "challenging" in places to say the least! Thankfully we all made it to Duck Bay free of any mechanical's and took a well deserved quick break not that Rab needed it of course thanks to the Countervail technology he mentioned (just a few times) on his lovely Bianchi! Break over and it was back on the saddles and homeward bound. Another great day for the Velo with laughs a plenty. Viva la Velo!
  8. Not sure of numbers for the middle ring this week due to Pedal the Park so we'll wait and see who we get on Sunday for the proposed run to the winfarm via Stewarton with the cafe stop being at the windfarm itself. Route is aprox 43 miles. https://www.strava.com/routes/18663868 Usual rules apply...tidy bunch, regroup at top of hills and pace dictated by slowest rider. Bring food, gels, money for cafe stop and spare tubes/tools for bike in case of any mechanical's. Meet at Abbey just before 9
  9. This week the big ring will be heading out over the bridge towards Helensburgh, up Sinclair Street and then towards Balloch and then back home. Cafe stop planned for Balloch. Aprox 48 miles. For those wanting more miles, there's the option to split at the foot of Sinclair Street and head towards Faslane and then up and over Glen Fruin. I;ve not done that part before so someone will need to captain that bit. https://www.plotaroute.com/map/768901 Usual rules apply...tidy bunch, regroup at top of hills and pace dictated by slowest rider. Bring food, gels, money for cafe stop and spare tubes/tools for bike in case of any mechanical's. Leaving the abbey at 9.00 so meet just before.
  10. Good numbers again this morning for the big ring with 11 of us (Ian, Terry, Mark G, Don, Michael, Aidan, Andy T, Mark H, Scott, Geoff & myself) all heading off from Abbey just after 9 with myself and Aidan leading out the pack. We were joined very shortly after by James who saw us at Love St where we’d stopped waiting for half the group as we realised we’d already lost them... not a great start . After re-grouping, we headed out towards the airport at a good pace despite a cheeky headwind suddenly kicking in and keeping up the steady pace all the way to the bridge where Mark S eventually caught up with us at the other end as we were taking a wee breather. Apparently he'd been chasing us from Inchinnan...great effort Mark especially after your endeavors from the yesterday's fast bunch ride! Cracking on towards Balloch, the ride was (thankfully) incident free and I think everyone took their turn and did their bit for the bunch by leading the group at some point. After a quick gel break and a great photo opportunity at Duck Bay, we were back on the bikes ready for the bit of climbing that lay ahead and re-grouping at the top in true Velo style. A lovely descent towards Helensburgh followed and our cafe stop at Humbles came at the right time for James as he'd just got a puncture. I have to say that they guys at Humbles coped admirably as it couldn't have been easy to attend to 13 cyclists arriving suddenly but to their credit they were great and only too happy to re-arrange the tables and chairs to have us all together. Fed and watered and with James' bike sorted it was back on the bikes and feeling the cold we headed off at a slow pace which was probably just as well for Mark H as as we waited at lights we hadn't realised that one of the staff from Humbles was desperately running after us clutching Mark's phone! Phew...that was lucky! With Mark and his phone re-united, we picked up the pace as we headed out of Helensburgh and towards Dumbarton. It was then our mostly good fortune up to that point ran out. As we were crossing over a roundabout, a bit of road road rage between 2 cars took place and with horns being blasted Aidan looked over to see what the commotion was whilst clipping Andy's wheel in the process and over he went! It looked a sore one but thankfully he and bike were OK. I missed it but seemingly he'd landed on his back with his bike above him still clipped in...impressive ! A few minutes later we were off again picking up the cycle path a short while later and back towards the bridge, homeward bound and thankfully trouble free. Once again, a great ride (apart from Aidan's acrobatics) backed up with some good weather considering it's mid November. Roll on next week.....
  11. Good numbers this week for the Big Ring as 11 of us (Ian, Big G, Gav, Mark S, James, Terry, Aidan, Kevin, Michael, Geoff and I) set off from the Abbey headed towards Barrhead with G and Aidan up front where we picked up Dave R just after the climb at Glenburn. First incident of the day followed moments later as we saw the road was completely flooded over. Singling up with G setting of first sadly for him he got an early bath as an oncoming motorist didn’t stop and completely soaked him! Fair play to G though as he took it in his stride and he and Aidan cracked on up towards Lochlibo Road leading the pack. Everyone then took their turn at the front as we headed towards Torranyard at a good pace. We turned off at Torranyard heading towards Cunninghamhead where we stopped very briefly to say hello to Ian Ross who thought he was being discreet answering a call of nature. No chance of being discreet Ian wearing a bright pink jersey...LOL! Back on the bikes as we headed towards Stewarton and after a quick gel break Big G’s legs had gone by this point and he decided to call it a day...to be fair, we’re surprised he didn’t chuck it when he got soaked earlier on! Approaching Stewarton, Dave got a puncture and thankfully that was the one and only mechanical of the day. We battered on towards Fenwick where Gav, James, Mark & Kevin decided to give the planned cafe stop at the Windfarm a miss and split from the rest of us. Grinding out the climb up towards the Windfarm Visitor Centre, the remaining 7 of us finally got there and enjoyed a rest and some much needed coffee and scones whilst being entertained by Aidan's now legendary Pagan festival story! Aidan...you should be on stage!!! It's always a great feeling being at the Windfarm as by that point you know that most of the climbing for day has been done and it's more or less downhill going back home. We stayed as a pack until Barrhead where we all began to split as we headed back to our respective homes. All in all a great morning, disciplined riding throughout and the banter being top drawer as ever. Roll on next week and Viva La Velo!
  12. Sorry Dugald, going to have to give this a miss. Pity as I was hoping to make it.
  13. Selling my turbo trainer if anyone’s interested as I’ve decided to upgrade and go for a direct drive model. This one’s fully Zwift compatable and automatically increases/decreases the resistance depending on the gradient your riding on whilst on Zwift or Tacx’s own software. Fully boxed and I’ll chuck in the wheel and trainer tyre as well (cassette and mat will NOT be included). Currently on sale at Halfords for £200 http://www.halfords.com/cycling/turbo-trainers/trainers/tacx-flow-t2240-smart-turbo-trainer Price to fellow velo’s £75
  14. Hi All Just to let you guys know that the Zwift team are on tour and will be coming to Glasgow on Thursday Oct 12th at Dales Cycles, Dobbies Loan between 6-9pm. Seems to be an ideal event for those who've always wanted to see it in action. I use it and it certainly brightens up what woud otherwise be dull and boring turbo sessions. Although free it is a ticketed event and they are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zwift-x-wahoo-uk-tour-2017-glasgow-tickets-38205086442?aff=eac2 Tahir