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  1. Andrew McLeod

    September Weekend 2019

    Date and location should be good for me
  2. Andrew McLeod


    And a short-ish stem, like 80 or 90mm?
  3. Andrew McLeod


    Got any 700c disc brake wheels?
  4. Andrew McLeod

    New Years Day Cycle 2019

    Should be there. 1 of the milestone rides of the year and a fine club tradition 👍
  5. Andrew McLeod

    Spain , Denia 2019

    I'm in! Mrs McL is hoping to get away on a hen do somewhere exotic next year so was very open to the idea 😀
  6. Andrew McLeod

    Dark Ring 25/10/2018

    I'm up for it
  7. Andrew McLeod

    Ride in Pollock or Braes on wed 24/10 eveving

    I'm in. Either option is cool with me. Just got a new helmet light too.
  8. Just putting this out there to see Who is interested in entering: https://www.entrycentral.com/hallox Aurelian and I have signed up, as had Simon before his altercation with the Johnstone bams. I've raced it before and it's a really good event. A bit more 'fun' than some of the races so very accessible to all and a great one to start your cross career! If anyone is up for it, we can get a wee practice ride out there one night before the race.
  9. Andrew McLeod

    Dark Ring 18/10/2018

    Awesome. I'll get YOU guys around 1940 at the turn off paisley road.
  10. Andrew McLeod

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    I'd appreciate a lift off someone if possible. Happy to chip in for fuel/chips
  11. Andrew McLeod

    Pre/Post ride Nutrition

    I go for granola and yogurt before along with a coffee and a pint of water. Water and aldi own brand snickers during. Good big lunch or dinner after I get back in depending on the time of day. Probably a bit too greedy when I get home most of the time.
  12. Andrew McLeod

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Count me in.
  13. Andrew McLeod

    Pedal Paddle Pedal

    Reckon the 25th and 26th of August would be cool for me. Busy in the 5th I think
  14. Andrew McLeod

    Pedal Paddle Pedal

    Hi Kenny I'd be interested in this. Used to sail down at the loch and a bit of canoeing when there wasn't any wind. Had a paddle last year on my holidays and loved it! Keep me posted.
  15. Andrew McLeod

    Thursday Hill Training - 2018

    Out for a bit of "pre" hill training tonight with Sam. Wee jaunt into kilbarchan, up burntshields road, into howwood and up auchenlodment. Good to get a wee reminder of beating myself up on the hills ahead of next week! Wind was strong and bitter. Hoping for some better temperatures soon.