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  1. Denia Cycling Trip 15-22 May 2021 I some of you may know we have been arranging a week long cycling trip to Spain for the last few years. Unfortunately this year had to be cancelled but ever the optimists we have decided to arrange next years trip back to Denia. This is a great area to cycle in with lots of climbs , some of which have featured in the Vuelta , with a mixture of other terrain. The format will be as years before with us arriving and departing on Saturday with 6 days of cycling in between. Each day varies but is between 60-80 miles /day usually arriving back around 3.00pm At present we have 10 names who have committed to going but there are spaces for others . If you are interested please message me direct and I can give details. Prices are not firmed up but for guidance last year flights , 7 nights half board , transfers , bike hire and guides was around £600.
  2. Folks as you have seen on the WhatsApp Group the decision has been made to cancel the weekend due to the present restrictions and it makes perfect sense. In terms of the finance and money paid I would propose the following The cost of the weekend was £1100.00 with the initial deposit of £250.00 non refundable. The balance of £850.00 was due payment by 18th August. With the Bunkhouse agreeing to our proposal to move the date to next year 17-19th September we do not lose any money. At the deposit stage there where 18 people, including myself , who gave me £10.00 each. I made up the difference of £70 which I would get back when the balance was paid. What I propose is that these 18 people will not at this time get their £10.00 back , as the money is with the Bunkhouse , rather this will be carried forward to next year. If for whatever reason they cannot make the weekend then going by this years response the space will be filled and they will get the £10.00 back. Likewise I will wait to next year to get difference owed to me For all the other money paid then this will be refunded in full at this time. So it will either be £40 or £50 you get back. I will need people to send me their bank details for a refund. Alternately if you wish to just leave the money there for next year that's great and once everyone has been refunded I will transfer to the Club account for safe keeping Hopefully you all agree to the above and I can be contacted on 07368 135485 for any queries Regards Dugald
  3. Big/Middle Ring Sunday 2nd August Crow Road-Aberfoyle-Drymen 85 miles This weekend Andy McLeod will captain big and myself the middle 8.00am start at the Abbey and I will get middle ring at bridge. Big ring off first Heading out over the bridge to Strathblane via Mugdock then Lennoxtown and over Crow Road to Fintry. From there across to Arnprior and Port of Menteith . Café stop in Aberfoyle then back via Pipe Track to Drymen-Croftamie-Balloch and home Big Ring off first and usual stop and regroup points Brink money/card and face covering for café stop https://www.strava.com/routes/2720964605953830538 Middle Ring 2nd August.gpx
  4. Perthshire Weekend 18-20 September Payment Club members going to the weekend the balance is due to be paid by 15th August so will need the balance by 14th August. Due to the great turnout the total cost per head will be £50.00. Therefore those who have already paid the deposit have a balance of £40.00. The actual cost for the weekend was £1100/ 23 going so was £47.82.There is also a £200 refundable damages deposit which I will pay and get back. I propose that the £2/head be used as the common food fund which we have done in the past. There is one particular individual , saying no names , but Vive La France , who is a good cook and if he is in agreement I will ask him to be chief cook and the rest of us will be the bottle washers. If you don't already have the account details for payment then PM me and I will provide. When making payment can you put Perthshire then your name. I will also be looking for car volunteers so that we can all get up there. Please contact me if you are driving and number of spaces that you have.The usual is leave around 9.00am on the Friday and have a shorter run that day followed by main run on the Sunday. This is not a training weekend aimed at speed but rather a club social event where we will cater for all levels. There will be 2 groups but this is not a highest average speed weekend. By all means efforts on the climbs but the groups should all start and finish together. The main run will probably be same route for both groups but at slightly different pace
  5. Dugald

    Denia 2020

    With the weather being as it is just a reminder to all club members that the Denia trip is still open for anyone who wants to go. The details are as above in Ian's post although the flight costs may have increased. At present we have 13 confirmed but there is still space at the hotel and bikes for hire. All that's required at moment is £150.00 deposit with remainder due 28th March. It's a great week and a real break from the weather we are having at present. If interested PM me for more details
  6. Club Weekend September 2020 The Old Bunkhouse Glassie Farm , Aberfeldy So after the success of the past 3 weekends to Kinlockleven and Peebles we have organised another for this year. We decided on a change of scenery and some new roads to ride on so this year we are off the Perthshire from 18th-20th September , 2 nights stay. I have booked accommodation in The Old Bunkhouse at Glassie Farm , outside Aberfeldy which gives is a terrific base to explore the area. We have the exclusive use of the place which sleeps up to 25 in bunk bed/single beds with a mixture of en-suite and non en-suite. Web site details below https://www.thebunkhouse.co.uk/ The format will follow the last two to Peebles with a morning start from Paisley up to the area where we go a ride before booking into the accommodation, Second day is the main riding day and In know that some of the Velo know this area so will be organising the routes for us. Sunday we play it be ear depending on the alcohol consumption on the Saturday night. We have previously eaten both nights in the digs which is a great atmosphere and good laugh, The format for the rides has been to split into 2 rings so that it caters for all of us. So don't be put off thinking that you will be dropped or hold anyone up that has never been an issue and both groups tend to do the same route at different pace. This is a great opportunity to have an old fashioned club weekend with like minded people and to see a part of the country you may never have seen or have only driven through on a car and has been well attended on the last 3 occasions. The cost for the whole bunkhouse is £1100,00 which is comparable with the £1000.00 Peebles cost last 2 years. If we fill all beds then it would be £44.00 for the two nights but based on past experience and numbers it should not exceed £60.00 If you are interested in going please confirm to me through the Velo Rides WhatApp ASAP. I am looking for a £10.00 non refundable deposit by end of January as I need to pay a £250.00 deposit by then and although I can pay it would rather not be out of pocket that amount till September. The balance is due 1 month before we go. Honestly this is a weekend not to miss as the banters good . I will also post on WhatApp group along with Bank Details SO COME ON LETS BE HAVING YOU
  7. Alternate run for Saturday. Those who are doing the Etape are heading down towards the Borders to do the Dalveen and Mennock passed https://www.strava.com/routes/18199677 start in Crawfordjohn and circular route of 40 miles with the iconic climb of Mennock Pass up to Wanlockhead Need to take your car and looking to start at Crawfordjohn at 8.30-9.00 This is a run to give good climbs rather than pace all welcome
  8. Possible run for summer. Long day out and earlier start but takes in some fantastic roads, climbs and scenery. And 2 café stops of course Not a Big Ring more a Long Day Ring Campsies & Trossachs.gpx
  9. I’m in. First run after hols😩. I’ll be able to take myself and one.
  10. I know a few different routes north of the river and would have no problem captaining this from the back of the bunch lol it would add on about 14 miles from Paisley as obviously I would get you at bridge My own thoughts are that sometimes mileage against time available puts us off longer rides. Middle ring are capable of 100 but not at BR pace This would open up huge amounts of routes on a Sunday but would be a fuller day and with a 8.00am start could perhaps make it more accessible for some Thats my thoughts
  11. Looking to join a cycling club and not sure? This last few days in Mallorca sums up what to me a good club is all about The banter camaraderie and Club Spirit has shone through No one left out , making new friends not just for this week but for hopefully a life time , being told your club kit is smart , knowing that your in that kit and that when your in it you are representing not just the club but the individuals who had the vision to start it Coming back to cycling after 30 years and 2 years later being with a group of like minded individuals who look out and cared for each other is to me what A Club is all about Chapeau Stevie and Ian I think we did the PVCC proud this week