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  1. Hi Folks, I organised this a while back. A local sportswear supplier (Provan Sports) based in Hillington, has our Club logo/brand on their system and can screen print and embroider any item of clothing from their range. The quality has been pretty good, and I'm sure you have seen some of us wearing the kit from time to time. I have attached a PDF doc with a selection of popular items, but can arrange a catalogue to be dropped off if anyone wants something different. The most popular items have been the T shirts, polos, and Black Mid layer. Fit wise, pretty much a medium is a medium and a large is a large, so seem to be accurate. Ladies sizes and styles available too. Unlike the club cycling kit, there are no minimum orders to reach, and we can order anytime we like. BUT out of courtesy I'd like to place one full order rather than dribs and drabs, I hope you understand. Anyways, have a look and message me if you'd like to order any kit, and I'll stick an order in. I wear my T shirt and Mid layer, probably far too much lol!, but I just find them comfortable and an easy option. I think a few of the other guys have also stated they never have them off! Proud to show our Club colours! Cheers , Liam Off Bike Clothing .pdf
  2. Personally my routine is Porridge with a banana chopped up through it, and a large black filter coffee. On return, I havent really been taking anything, although its normally near lunchtime, so maybe scrambled egg on toast, or toast n beans? SO thinking I should be adding more protein at this point? even if it is a Protein shake the minute I come in the door, and then have food later. (What does the protein shake do agin? Build muscle? or repair muscle?) Thanks for the input guy's...... anyone else like to share?
  3. Me too!! Cheers! Follwed by Havana Club 7yr old! But I did log over 5000 cals burned that day! 😁
  4. After returning from the Borders Trip and witnessing my fellow club members putting together their various "go to's" for nutrition before and after a ride, (Kitvhen was often a hive of activity!) It got me wondering...... What is everyone's typical preparations for a ride? Are you a porridge person, or toast and banana, or something else? What do you have immediately after a ride? Protein shakes, Half a roast chicken? ... nothing at all? Feel free to post up you favourites, it may help other riders who struggle with the right choice for them, or are unsure what they should be taking and when. Cheers guy's/girls.
  5. Update 28/04/18 Again we have a good few enquiries ongoing at the minute. Anyone who is interested in joining a cycling club, but still not sure if it is for you, pop your comments down in here! Any questions, worries, thought's, fear's get them out and someone will answer them. Also, we will happily offer an accompanied introductory ride to anyone interested. Short 10 - 15 miles, where we can chat and discuss rider safety, and etiquette for riding in a group etc. Plus it's a great chance to discuss, where you are at with your cycling and where you'd like to go with it. So pop your name down here if you are interested and one of us will get back to you asap.
  6. WJD! Think guy's and I are just looking for different options to what essentially are the three Sunday Run's Wee, Middle and Big groups. The guy's who used to Captain the different Rings have for various reasons had to or chosen to, take a back seat, and their wealth of knowledge is greatly missed. The current Group leaders are doing a fantastic job, (I'm sure you'll all agree) , But any additional input would be helpful, as you naturally fall into a comfort zone of, oh! done that one a while ago , lets do it again type mindset! I think we would rather offer different options each week than continually do the same thing (Bagel Basket stylie) The members do appreciate the variety of terrain and countryside that we visit on a Sunday sojourn. So with that in mind, any options would be welcomed. Big Guy!
  7. Great Idea Ian, I know It was discussed at recent Committee meeting and Kudos for taking this on-board! As you know it can be difficult choosing different and interesting routes all the time, and at the back of your mind you are thinking, is this what the majority want, or is it my choice again? So a great opportunity to open it up to the members to have a say on what they want....After all it is YOUR CLUB! so why shouldn't you have an input? Get your wish lists in, and as stated by Greg and Ian, it doesn't have to start from Q bikes! We can have now and a again "an away day!" take cars to get to a different area and start from a different point and perspective! Personally I rode a sportive in Falkirk/West Lothian area earlier this year, and it was great to be on different roads, so happy to look at any suggestions. I would like to explore Stirling area more, so any suggestions?
  8. We have had a significant increase in enquiries from potential new members recently, which is great! and a sign that the updated website and Social media platforms are working and catching peoples attention. Well done lad's!! To anyone new visiting the site/forum and reading this, WELCOME!!!!!, please feel free to come along any Sunday morning to Q Bikes @ Neilston Road in Paisley. We meet about 10 mins before, and set off at 9 am sharp. Although we have "Reliability Runs" ongoing through February, we will always accommodate newbies and there will always be a lead rider available to captain a shorter introductory ride or a bit longer to suit your level. So there really is no excuse for not getting on your bike and joining us! We look forward to giving you all a real Paisley Velo Welcome!