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  1. mcburnied

    All Rings - 17th March 2019 - On Stand By

    Well done to the lads who went out today. Low numbers but not too surprising given the weather this week and into the weekend. Nevertheless, we had Ian, Terry, Big G, Andy T, Davy, Aiden and myself at the Abbey and decided the big ring would head for Largs. I was looking for a shorter run and Aiden wasn’t firing on all cyclinders with a bit of a cold so we planned a shorter route. We rode together till we hit Lochwinnoch but were pretty wet at the time as heavy rain had come on around Howwood. Aiden and I split off there and headed up John’s hill and out to Kilmalcolm thereafter turning back through to BOW and back along the Georgetown. Nice wee 35miler and it was actually quite nice when the sun came out, but pretty gusty I have to say. After a brief stop at Castle Semple to let the rain ease the lads carried on to Largs then round the coast taking in 2 cafe stops on their journey. Over 60 miles for these guys but major kudos to big Andy Taylor who did some extra miles and clocked up a ton! Well done big chap. See you all out soon. Ciao for now Derek
  2. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Sunday 17th Feb

    We’ll see how the weather is and who shows up. I have a night out on Saturday but hoping it’s not a late heavy one! The big ring are doing Largs so thinking of a run to Gourock for cafe stop. Quite a long run at about 45 miles but very flat so doable for our wee ringers. Other more local options available if we decide on a plan B. Usual rules guys and winter bikes/muddies etc. See you there Derek
  3. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Sunday 3 Feb

    Clearly we are in the midst of very wintery weather this week. We changed our route last wee due to the wind so I am not plotting a particular route this week. We will watch the forecast over the next day or 2 and if it is safe to go out on roads bikes then we will be out! However, if you like your off road riding then watch out for a post for a ride off the beaten track, perhaps up the Glennifer Braes. Might be tempted myself for the first time!! Thanks Derek
  4. mcburnied

    Wee Ring 27th Jan

    As the Big Ring is heading for Bowfield first the Wee Ring shall join them till the top of the climb. They will descend back down towards Howwood whereas the wee ring will continue out to the Canny Man at Lugton. First bail out point to Barrhead down Lochlibo Road or continue through Dunlop and towards Stewarton but turning left to go along the back road to Neilston past the wind turbines. Then back through Barrhead and into Paisley for cafe stop at the Little Coffee Co. Sorry for not posting the strata route but this is a cracking route with lots of wee lumpy bits and at around 35miles a decent run. I am not 100% for this run due to some family issues but I hope to be there. Liam hopes to make his maiden run of 2019 and he will no doubt want to work off some of those shrimp BBQ’s from his Oz trip!! Usual rules apply re bike and kit. 8.50 for 9am set off Cheers Derek
  5. mcburnied

    Big Ring Sunday 27th January

    Nice one Mark Derek
  6. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Sunday 6th January

    Nice one Dugald! I hope you get on OK. Weather looking favourable troops so get out there and burn off those excess Cals!! I would love to be out as it is miserable when you are not fit to ride. See you soon. Derek
  7. mcburnied

    New Years Day Cycle 2019

    Nice one. Looking forward to it 👌 Derek
  8. mcburnied

    Wee Ring 30th Dec 18

    Good wee winter’s ride today with Andy T, Matt, Tahir, Dave B, Michael and myself. We stuck to the planned route but had a brief stop at Bernies for a cuppa. Dave, baled out at Houston and Matt had to get home sharp after Bernie’s so hit the cycle path home. The rest of us carried on up Torr Road and over the hill back to Houston. I want to thank the guys for being patient with me on the hybrid but hopefully I didn’t hold them back too much! Must get my road bike fixed ASAP. A couple of thousand calories for me and a right hard workout on the heavy bike so a good way to end the year. Hopefully see you on the Ne’erday run troops. Ciao for now Derek
  9. mcburnied

    Wee Ring 30th Dec 18

    So, the last Wee Ring Run of 2018 will be out past airport, through Inchinnan round back of Erskine through Bishy out to Houston and then BOW. Bale out option here for cycle path back to Paisley for a 26mile or so run. For more miles and a wee climb we will head out from BOW along Torr Road onto Kilmalcolm road for our wee fave climb then dropping back down into Howwood and back to Paisley for around 35miles in total. Option of a cafe stop in the Little Coffee Company on Causeyside St. Hope to get my bike fixed tomorrow and be ready for this run. Remember all the usual kit and off course mud guards which are compulsory in the winter months. C u then troops Derek
  10. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Route Sunday 23rd December

    Thanks Dugald, the file won’t open for me. Is this the same for others? One wee thing to point out is that mud guards are compulsory in the winter months. This is critical for bunch riding in wet and muddy conditions so I must insist on this. See you tomorrow Derek
  11. mcburnied

    Wee Ring 9 th December 2018

    Thanks to Ian for planning and captaining this week”s Wee Ring. The big ring run was planned for Strathaven but given the numbers we had, 9 in total, we decided just to head out together and do the wee route with the option of more miles later which worked out really well actually. It was a fairly cold morning but with crystal clear blue skies and very light winds it made for a cracking wee winter social ride. So, Ian, Gerry, Stevie, Tahir, Don, Caleb, Terry, Dave R and myself headed out through Elderslie and out to Howwood. Through Howwood then up the Carruthmuir, out towards Kilmalcolm but then cutting across Torr Road to BOW. From there we took the back road to Houston then out past Monkey House and out at Bishopton where Stevie punctured. We then carried on from Bishopton on the Old Greenock Road round the back of Erskine. The group got split due to being caught up in heavy traffic and we didn’t know that Stevie had punctured again further back. Thankfully Terry was with him because they set off he punctured again, same tyre. Must be something in the wheel causing the multiple punctures!! Stevie gave up called the misses. We had our cafe stop at the place just off Barnsford Road, excellent breakfasts in there! Terry, Caleb, Ian and Don stayed out for more miles while the rest of us headed on home. 36 miles for me and most enjoyable. Felt better protected with my new Gatorskins on albeit £60 odd quid lighter!! 🙄 Well done lads and hopefully we’ll get another cracking morning next week. Vive le Velo Derek
  12. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Sunday 2nd Dec

    The weather forecast for Sunday is not great so we shall see how it looks tomorrow but hopefully it will be ok. The route will likely be out past Gleddoch coming out halfway up the Clune. Coffee stop options at Bernie’s or back to Paisley for the Little Coffee Shop. Usual rules apply. cheers Derek
  13. mcburnied

    Wee Ring Route Sunday 25th November

    Guys, remember our winter policy about mud guards being mandatory. If you have yet to fit them don’t let it put you off but please make sure you get them fitted ASAP. Cheers Derek
  14. mcburnied

    One fpor the Summer

    Cracking route Dugald. Never done a tonne before so this might be my duckie D
  15. mcburnied

    Sunday Club Run formats

    Hi all, Tonight we had a meeting of the ring captains and committee to discuss issues raised at recent club runs. I will be brief in summarising the outcome of our discussion as follows bearing in mind the primary focus of a Sunday Club Run is on the social side and is not a training run. Through the winter we will have 2 rings as agreed at the AGM. Wee Ring and Big Ring. The wee ring will essentially operate as it always has choosing routes around the 28-35 mile mark and at a pace that the group are reasonably comfortable at. The Big Ring, consisting mainly of the normal summer middle and big ring riders will cover 40-60 miles depending on weather and again at a pace that suits the group so naturally faster riders WILL be patient and enjoy the club social run. This is the simplest approach to winter club runs and will work fine providing people appreciate the social premise of them. HOWEVER, we appreciate that some people may be looking for a bit more out of a Sunday run in terms of pace and perhaps distance. So, we are in no way averse to someone posting up that they want to do something different from the planned club runs on occasion. You may find there are 3 or 4 people in a similar frame of mind that would join you. We would ask though that you still meet at 9am with the club as it is good to see healthy numbers at the Abbey and of course more sociable. We need to be tidier and better organised in the bunch and the ring captains will be tasked with informing their group on positioning/changeovers/communication etc prior to and during each run. It is important we enjoy our club runs but we must ride in as safe a manner as possible to keep yourself and your colleagues safe. I shall arrange a separate session on safe riding in due course but I intend to cover some basics prior to our club run this Sunday. The ring captains have been organised to post runs throughout the winter and we shall liaise within the group to ensure runs are well planned and posted in good time and taking the conditions into account. Mark Hanlon shall be posting up information for Brown Ring runs, off the beaten track stuff, over in Milngavie and perhaps more locally so look out for this. In summary, we wish to cater for everyone’s needs best we can but I am sure you will appreciate this is a difficult balance to achieve. So, please pack some tolerance and patience in your tool kit and you will enjoy every run we embark on. Thanks for your attention and see you Sunday. Derek