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  1. This year will see the HCC being contested over 2 rides instead of 1. Week 1 will be on 15 September and the second week on the 6th October. Weather permitting of course, although we need to conclude it by the 20th of October at the very latest in advance of the AGM and Presentation of awards the following week. Week 1 will be on the Bowfield climb that we are all very familiar with. Nice and short and not too steep. The second run will either be on the Braes climb, as previous years, or we may switch to Auchenlodment. We shall decide well in advance so watch this space as I would like to check out the road condition on each climb, safe start and finish conditions etc. So, we will meet at 9am at the Abbey as usual, cycle out to the venue, take names, set start times and commence the race at 1m intervals. Thereafter, we will continue, probably in 2 groups on a wee leg loosening club run. Let’s get good numbers out for these. Even if you don’t see yourself as much of a climber, it is still great to take part and compete in a club event. You never know, you may win a prize for effort!! See you soon Derek
  2. Hi all, we introduced this award 2 years ago and I feel it is a special award as the winner is selected by their peers in the club. The other awards are for cycling ability but this is based on your contribution to the club and it’s members. So, your vote may go to someone who regularly displays some of the following attributes for example 1. Regularly attends club runs and events 2. Contribute to the betterment of the club including contribution to organising events 3. Helpful to and supportive of other club members 4. Shown good cycling ability throughout the year - based on their own fitness level!! 5. Team player 6. Perhaps made good improvements this year 7. Leads by example and is a safe rider Essentially, you make your choice on the merits you feel are applicable. The most votes we have had for this award has been just over 20. But with a club of our size with 50 members I would hope to see more votes coming through this year. So, can you, by 30 September, send an email to [email protected] with your vote please? Feel free to add a brief note of your reasons for your choice, otherwise a name will suffice. I look forward to receiving your votes. Regards Derek
  3. Hi all, Our AGM this year shall take place on Monday 28th October 2019 in a new venue. The Boarding House in Howwood has become our favourite coffee/cake stop of late and the staff couldn’t be more welcoming to us. They have a function suite on the upper floor which will be perfect for our meeting so stick this date in your diary. I am hoping for a good turn out this year and it is your chance to help shape your club for next year. You may also wish to become a committee member or perhaps a ring captain allowing you to plan runs and take the lead which is a great privilege. In due course I shall issue an agenda but the evening will include the presentation of awards too and a finger buffet with tea and coffee will be laid on courtesy of the club. Please come along to this as it is a good night and your voice will be heard. So watch this space. See you soon. Derek
  4. All, Liam and I will be standing down this year after 3 years in our posts. We have a healthy group of current committee members and ring captains that are constantly involved in running the club so we hope the new committee will come from this group. However, if you would like to be involved in the committee and take your turn in running and shaping the club please speak to either Liam or myself. I will chair the AGM this year as my last and the new committee shall be voted in on the evening. The AGM shall take place on 28th October 2019 in the Boarding House, Howwood. Further details of the AGM will be posted under separate cover. I am sure the new committee will help to sustain the success we have enjoyed in recent years and perhaps freshen things up a little too. It has been a pleasure for us both to serve this club but we look forward to handing the baton on to our successors. Bye for now Derek McBurnie
  5. Great wee run on Sunday and good to see healthy numbers out for both rings at the Abbey. Some nice pics taken so we’ll get them on the website. Thanks to Graham for captaining the run and it was good to him out and also Liam and Aurelian too as they have both been off the saddle for a wee while. Whilst this was a wee ring run it has quite a few wee nippy climbs along the way and our average pace was more middle ring pace so not an easy 35 miles by any measure!! Nicola did well again and showing her extra training this year has paid off. I had to miss out the cafe stop so left the rest of the group at Castle Semple Loch cafe where I am sure they enjoyed a well earned cuppa and a cake. Beautiful morning, great company, rolling countryside....what more do you need? Ciao for now and see you next time. Derek
  6. Well, what can you say about this weather, hardly summer is it? 🙄 Saturday runs are definitely off but I remain hopeful we may get a dry-ish window on Sunday morning. We shall keep an eye on this and confirm Saturday night if we have a run. If we do it will be the usual 9am set off from the Abbey and usual rules for you and your kit apply. Ciao for now troops Derek
  7. Following a week of sunny weather and record breaking temperatures the weekend is forecasted to be wet. As usual it may not turn out as bad as forecasted so the following ride options are available. Saturday Faster Pace Run - 8am at the Abbey (Bail out points as usual) Saturday Long Lie training run - 9.30am - 25-30miles at decent pace Sunday Club Runs - 9am at the Abbey - No particular route plans but watch forecast and post up if you plan to go out. Route(s) will be decided based on personnel and weather Usual rules apply for kit - pump, tubes, fluid, tools, helmet and road worthy bike. Let’s just hope the forecasters are over egging it......again. Think I’ll go for the long lie run tomorrow and if Sunday is a wash out then at least I’ll have had some miles in on Saturday Cheers Derek
  8. Nice wee run today for those of us just looking for local ride and not overly taxing. We welcomed Derek Wallace from Bishopton today and he slotted into the group seamlessly. Dave Barr rode out rather gingerly with us to the top of the Bowfield but he then head back to Paisley to take some rest for his ongoing back problem. Andy McLeod, Geoff, Derek and myself carried on out past the Cannie Man and out to Stewarton via Dunlop. Cafe stop at Clerkland Farm then over the lumpy wee back road into Neilston and Barrhead. This worked well with the south westerly wind. 34 miles or so and at nice pace with good company as usual. Perfect for a first run post holidays See ya soon Cheers Derek
  9. Hey troops. Who is up for a 35mile or so run this Sunday? I am thinking of a few routes but will decide either nearer the time or on the day depending on weather and who is out. Possibly Stewarton Clerkland Farm and back over and farm road to Neilston, Clune Kilmacolm BOW then Boarding House or perhaps Strathaven which would be a bit longer. Meeting at 9am Abbey you will be well prepared as usual. Let’s hope for nice weather and a great wee run Cheers Derek
  10. Ian, Sunday is the 21st July
  11. Wee ring options for this week are Balloch or a loop down to Port Glasgow, via Gleddoch coming out half way up the Clune then back through Kilmacolm and into BOW. Option of cafe stop at Bernie’s or Amareto or take Torr road and over the Howwood for coffee at the Boardinghouse. Nice wee route this with a few lumps to get you out of your saddle! usual club run rules apply. See you and your steed well prepared at 8.50. Derek
  12. This week we shall head down to Largs weather permitting. The big ring is heading up Lyle Hill and out past Loch Thom and over to Largs so we could do the same or take the low ground and coastal route. On our last trip to Largs we can back via West Kilbride which was a great option as less busy than the Haylie and no where near as steep as Fairlie Moor! Usual club run rules apply so make sure YOU and your bike are both well prepared. See you 8.50. Derek https://strava.app.link/mkr8OxeqkX
  13. Hey wee ringers. Forecast shows the worst of the rain may have passed by about 9am. However I will be giving it a miss tomorrow, sorry about that! if you want to go out go for and see who traps. Cheers Derek