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  1. Yikes, 24% er in there for half a kilometre!! Bring it on Derek
  2. Cracking route Dugald. Never done a tonne before so this might be my duckie D
  3. This sounds great. A maybe for me as we have so much taxiing to do on a Saturday! Will confirm in due course Derek
  4. Thanks for those who turned out last night. That wraps up our Series B which only included 4 weeks due to weather and an RTA. It was actually quite an exciting end to the Series with the headlines as follows. It should be noted that this series was judged on your 2 fastest times combined why threw up an interesting finish in Group 1! 1. Dave McCormack takes an historic double by winning Series B to add to his triumph over Series A and a nice sub 16m ride to finish.....despite his puncture at the start line! Dave will be taking home the PVCC TT Championship Trophy to put on his mantle piece for a year. Congratulations Dave. 2. Simon Arnold wins Group 2 and picks up his second TT award in 2 years. Well done Si 3. Andy Taylor blasts to a PB and second quickest time in Group 1. HOWEVER, due to the combined times Colin Sales pips him to a runner up place!!! Nice wee battle boys. 4. Mark Syme, on his new Cerv S3.......knocks over half an minute of his PB and will be targeting sub 19m now and a genuine Group 2 contender! Onwards and upwards Mark 5. Andy McLeod puts in another decent effort but Sandy Ross couldn't make it but he was just too far back to realistically challenge Simon for the win. So, well done guys.....its been a pleasure timing you again. I will be getting watches out again soon for the Hill Climb Championship on 23rd September 2018 so keep an eye on that one. Ciao for now troops. Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 14/08/18 TT No. 2 21/08/18 TT No. 3 28/08/18 TT No. 4 04/09/18 TT No. 5 11/09/18 TT No. 6 18/09/18 Quickest Time Quickest 2 Times Combined Group 1 David McCormack 16:15:00 15:53:00 15:53:00 32.08.00 Group 1 2 Colin Sales 17:43:00 17:31:00 17:33:00 17:31:00 35.04.02 3 Andy Taylor 17:58:00 17:28:00 17:28:00 35.26.01 4 Simon Arnold 19:53;00 18:59:00 19:36:00 18:59:00 38.35.03 Group 2 5 Sandy Ross 19:58:00 19:14:00 19:14:00 39.12.00 6 Andy Mcleod 20:42:00 21:04:00 20:42:00 41.46.00 7 Mark Syme DNF 19:16:00 19:16:00 8 Derek McBurnie 19:54:00 19:54:00 9 Dugald McCallum 20:19:00 20:19:00 Guest Rider Championship PB (This Course) 1 Joe Bryceland 19:06:00 18:29:00 19:06:00 18:37:00 18:29:00 37.06.00 2 Kieran Cunningham 22:12:00 22:29:00 22:12:00 44.41.00 3 Georgetown TT Series B 2018 FINAL RESULTS.pdf
  5. Times for week 3 below. Quiet a few call offs due to personal circumstances and the local traffic issues. Anyway, no PB's last night but good efforts all the same and thanks to the guys for turning up. I will now split the field into 2 groups and I think you'll agree the line sort of draws itself as there is always a gap in the field. So Group 1 will be riders consistently riding sub 18mins with the rest of the field making up Group 2. We might only get 1 or 2 more weeks of this so there will be a good battle between Simon and Sandy for the Group 2 crown! Let's keep up attendances and see the series out strongly. Cheers Derek Paisley Velo Georgetown TT Series B 2018 1 David McCormack 16:15:00 16:15:00 2 Colin Sales 17:43:00 17:31:00 17:33:00 17:31:00 3 Andy Taylor 17:58:00 17:58:00 4 Simon Arnold 19:53;00 18:59:00 19:36:00 18:59:00 5 Sandy Ross 19:58:00 19:14:00 19:14:00 6 Derek McBurnie 19:54:00 19:54:00 7 Dugald McCallum 20:19:00 20:19:00 9 Mark Syme DNF 10 Andy Mcleod 20:42:00 20:42:00 11 Guest Rider Championship PB (This Course) 1 Joe Bryceland 19:06:00 18:29:00 19:06:00 18:29:00 2 Kieran Cunningham 22:12:00 22:29:00 22:12:00 3 Georgetown TT Series B 2018 Wk 3.pdf
  6. So, firstly, apologies for the late post but we have now completed 2 weeks of Series B after a 2 week delay due to weather and an RTA. Thanks to Liam and Mark for taking their turns for timing and hauderupper duties. Who's up for next week then? Week 2 saw decent conditions and not too windy. Colin is knocking off time on a weekly basis and put in a great PB time....Andy needs to finds 30s from somewhere to catch him!! Joe did well with a decent time for a new PB and we wished a warm PVCC welcome to Kieran Cunningham who took 6 mins off his trial run on Sunday to record a respectable first official time. I think we will create the split after next week and decide if we want 1 more week to make 4 weeks or take it to 5 weeks. Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 14/08/18 TT No. 2 21/08/18 TT No. 3 28/08/18 TT No. 4 04/08/18 TT No. 5 11/08/18 TT No. 6 18/0/18 Quickest Time 1 David McCormack 16:15:00 16:15:00 2 Colin Sales 17:43:00 17:31:00 17:31:00 3 Andy Taylor 17:58:00 17:58:00 4 Simon Arnold 19:53;00 18:59:00 18:59:00 5 Sandy Ross 19:58:00 19:14:00 19:14:00 6 Derek McBurnie 19:54:00 19:54:00 7 Dugald McCallum 20:19:00 20:19:00 9 Mark Syme DNF 10 11 Guest Rider Championship PB (This Course) 1 Joe Bryceland 19:06:00 18:29:00 18:29:00 2 Kieran Cunningham 22:12:00 22:12:00 3 Georgetown TT Series B 2018 Wk2.pdf
  7. Guys, due to inclement weather and call offs we will postpone the start of Series B for another week. Derek
  8. The waiting is over for Series B of type Georgetown TT as we start this Tuesday 31st July. Those of you who are familiar with it need no direcation, however I have made 1 change to the competion as follows. So, here are the key details: Meeting Location - Car Park new to Aulds factory at Inchinnan Business Park - 1 Brownfield Ave, PA4 9RZ Time - 1st rider away at 6.45pm. So, ideally be there before 6.30pm for registration. Slower riders first preferably! If you are running late you can always just go last rider around 6.50-55pm. Route - 7.2 miles to Houston Roundabout and back. Cost - £2 which goes towards trophies/medals Rules - min 3 runs of the 6 to qualify for a time Change to Rules - This series we will trial a new format whereby your qualifying time will be the culmination of your 3 fastest times as opposed to your single fastest time. (The overall TT champ will still be the person with the fastest time for year). The series winner will be the one with lowest combined time) I hope this makes sense!! We will keep the split, so after week 3 we will create Group 1 & Group 2 with faster riders in Group 1. Volunteers - I will time week 1 but will need a backup timer/ hawderupper So, we need 2 people each week to share these support jobs. We will arrange this week to week and agree on the night who is doing the following week. People not competing might wish to help the club out!!? Lets get good numbers. It is good fun, raises your speed and fitness and you might just win a medal!! Here’s hoping for decent weather on Tuesday and I’ll see you there speed freaks. Derek
  9. Watch this space for announcement for Series B starting 31st July 2018. Derek
  10. TO ALL MEMBERS - UPDATE FROM CTT ON GDPR. (Forms are attached if we are organising an event) Many clubs have asked about the GDPR and how this affects the promotion of club events. In response to those requests, CTT has produced the guidance below. The guidance is also attached as a pdf document should you wish to print this. A copy of the May 2018 version of the signing on sheet is also attached. Please could you ensure that your club uses the attached version (May 2018) for all future club events and that any old versions of this form are destroyed? Thank you. GDPR GUIDANCE – “CLUB” EVENTS Nearly everyone will have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as the GDPR. This comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The GPDR does have an impact on CTT and clubs or teams affiliated to CTT and care must be taken about how an individual’s personal information is used. The purpose of this guidance is to summarise how the GDPR will affect your club or team if it promotes “club” events and what needs to be done to safeguard a rider’s personal information that’s given on the signing on sheet. This guidance also applies to those events promoted as “Come & Try It” events. Typically, a “club” event is promoted on a relatively informal level, with club members and guests “signing on” on the day of the event. When signing on for a “club” event, the rider will give their name, address, emergency contact telephone number, club and age. The information given by the rider is personal information and as such, this does fall under the GDPR. A rider’s personal information to be used only for the purposes of the event The information each rider provides on the signing on sheet must be used only for the purposes of the promotion and management of the event. The club cannot use that information for anything else. This is because that information is the rider’s personal information and is personal data for the purposes of the GDPR. Under the GDPR, “legitimate interest” is an appropriate basis for processing personal data (i.e. the information given on the signing on sheet) provided that personal data is used in a way the person concerned (the “data subject”) would reasonably expect. As such, certain information (not the emergency telephone number) may be published on the result sheet for the event. It is expected that this will be limited to the entrant’s name, age or age category, the rider’s club and the rider’s recorded time and/or finishing position. The “signing on” sheet (May 2018) A rider is entitled to know what their personal information is to be used for. The signing on sheet has been amended and now includes this additional wording: As an entrant to this event your information may be shared on the event or promoting club website, social media pages or in emails sent by or on behalf of the promoting club. This data will only be shared in relation to your participation in the event, e.g. the list of entrants, results or event reports. This data will be limited to your name, gender, age or age category, the name of the affiliated club or team of which you are a member and your finishing time and/or position. Please would your club or team use the May 2018 version of the signing on sheet and destroy any previous versions held. Please do not release a rider’s personal information to a third party Under no circumstances must the rider’s contact details be released to a third party. As is to be expected, those details can be released in the case of emergency or to an appropriate CTT District official or to one of the National officers of CTT (e.g. the CTT National Secretaries or the National Treasurer). Photographs and video footage The rider’s consent is needed if photographs or video footage of that rider taken during the event are to be published, whether in paper form or uploaded onto a website or social media. Personal information must be kept secure You must keep the information provided to you by the rider secure at all times. Please remember to password protect files and computers. In the case of paper copies of information, these should always be kept as securely as possible and not be left anywhere for others to see or left in a public place. When using third party software you need to obtain assurances over the security of the system, e.g. by asking the provider for an explanation of how data security is managed. If you back-up your computer to the “cloud”, you should also ensure that the company you use is within the European Economic Area (or, if data is transferred outside of the EEA, then measures have been taken in accordance with data protection law to ensure that the data remains secure, e.g. privacy shield certified). If there is a breach The GDPR defines a ‘personal data breach’ as ‘a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed’. As the promotor of a “club” event, if there is a breach, it would most likely be because of one of the following: • a breach of confidentiality (someone gains access to information who shouldn't have access to it); • access by an unauthorised third party; • deliberate or accidental action (or inaction) by a controller or processor; • sending personal data to an incorrect recipient; • computing devices containing personal data being lost or stolen; • alteration of personal data without permission; and • loss of availability of personal data. Should there be a breach, this must be reported to the Information Commissions Office (ICO) within 72 hours of you becoming aware of it. If you are in any doubt, please contact [email protected] If there is sufficient time, this can be reported on your behalf. You must also keep a record of any personal data breaches. How long to keep the information for The rider’s personal information provided to you when signing on for the event should normally be retained for a period of four years following the date of the event and in the event of an accident in an event involving a competitor who is aged under 18 years for the period of four years from and including that competitor’s 18th birthday. This is needed should there be a claim made against a competitor or other person associated with such event. It is recommended that should there be an accident involving a competitor under the age of 18 years that all the relevant information and documents are sent to the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate) who will retain these on your behalf. CTT Data Privacy Notice Please ensure that your club members are familiar with this so that you can understand how CTT protects and how it uses personal data. A copy can be found on the CTT website: https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/articles/view/318 Information Commissioners Office (ICO) If you would like to see more information about the GDPR, please visit the ICO website: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/ How to contact CTT If you are uncertain about what this means or what your obligations as an organiser are, please email [email protected] or write to us at National Secretary (Legal & Corporate), Cycling Time Trials, c/o Nick Sharpe, Wash Farm, Wash, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0QW. CTT Type B Sign on sheet May18 (Word).docx GDPR Guidance - Club Events.pdf
  11. Truly amazing Don!!!! This is by far the best post I have ever seen on our forum. So much work gone into this, thanks so much. Willie Cosh is also just back from a similar route and is planning a potential cycling break in the Hebrides next year! well done again mate Derek