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  1. smokeychrome

    Time to say goodbye.

    Sorry to hear that Scott. We started at the same time and recall many a great run in the early days trying to hold Ronnie's wheel! Take care and hopefully maybe see you out on the road at some point G
  2. smokeychrome

    Evans Callander Sportive 14th April 2019

    Entered long route
  3. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Well we knocked it off with the weather for the Fife run this weekend. 12 of us in total set out on a 60 mile circuit and took in the sights of the East Neuk and St Andrews. A cracking ride with lots of good quiet roads. Good efforts all round as pretty hilly and a stiff northerly wind for the first half which tested the legs. Tight and disciplined bunch riding throughout - a credit to the club. Well done guys and we might just do it all again next year! G
  4. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Evening all, As promised I have amended the route to take account of the golf tourney that's on in St Andrews and Kingsbarns. Not a major change and we still stop off at the town. Avoiding the road between the golf courses as there are shuttle buses and park and rides there apparently all day: https://www.strava.com/routes/15737620 Scores on the doors re numbers - looks like we have the following 13 confirmed: Me Aurelien Aurelien's pal Dugald Gerard James Mark S Gavin Andy M Aiden Dan Mark H Dimitar Those in bold - many thanks as you are offering a space/s for a lift. We can sort who goes with who at the car park in Paisley. Mind the usual gels/food and spares/tools. We can agree if a split is needed/desired. St Andrew's for pit stop then back to St Monans and chips at Anstruther Weather looking good! catch you all Saturday 08:00 canal st car park sharp. G
  5. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Yeh sure no problem
  6. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Apparently the Dunhill cup is on at st Andrews this weekend so will re-route the run a wee bit. Post it up soon
  7. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    quick update - the following are coming: Greg, Dugald, Aurelien, Mark G, Aidan, Mark S, Dan, Colin, Andy M, as well as former members Gerard and Matt H (look out your long sleeves Matt!). Transport wise so far we have confirmed (driver in bold) Gerard and Matt Greg and 1 other Dugald and 1 other Can other drivers please advise if taking the car and if happy to take a person/s? It looks as though we need 3 motors roughly. Load up the route onto the Garmins in case we decide to split into 2 groups (see earlier thread) cheers G
  8. smokeychrome

    Thursday Night Group

    Here is the Erskine Circuit: https://www.strava.com/routes/15661463 Aim for 3/4 laps and it's a good workout. Safety-wise recommend a 2-up format (don't fancy group rides in the dark), taking spells and re-grouping at the dump. 1 solid rear light and a blinky advisable. G
  9. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Few doing Tour of the Trossachs on 7th apparently hence the Saturday to avoid clash.
  10. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Alright team, good interest so far with approx 8 confirmed so far. Battle plan is as follows: Leave Canal St station bar car park at 08:00, drive to St Monans football pitches (KY10 2BB) and park up cars; loads of space and free parking. ETA 09:50 Skin suits and aero helmets on (arf arf); Garmins booted up and MAPS loaded - yes we will be navigating with Garmins which I hear is a very good strategy!👺 Arncroach climb first (approx half a Talla) - sorry has to be done! Off then to Crail, flat-ish and fast-ish Kingbarns via Kilrenny loop and if anyone fancies a wee paddle we can head to the beach for a quick stop (haud on it's the North sea and it will be October!!) Off then to St Andrews via Dunino and the Grange road - great fast descent Through to toon and down by the clubhouse for a wee photie or two. Propose a cafe break/ice cream Head out to Strathkinnes for a short loop and then back to St Andrews to take on the coast road climb Pittenweem next and a visit to the harbour before final sprint to the motors at St Monans. Team buses to Anstruther for a fish supper or whatever floats your boat We will see how many we end up with but suggest we stick to one route. If a fast group and slow group we can agree meeting points (St Andrews/Anstruther) Social pace so fast group 16/17 MPH slow 14/15 MPH. If one group in between. Transport-wise if people with cars/racks could they please post so we know roughly who can take who. Champion! - an excellent day awaits us and obviously will keep an eye on the weather. Here is the route - Vuelta East Neuka https://www.strava.com/routes/15481064
  11. smokeychrome

    Fife coastal run 6th October

    Planning a coastal run in the East Neuk of Fife on the 6th. Lovely spot for a run with many historic coastal villages and St Andrews. A wee change before the mince weather sets in. Have a route in mind and the Nav' will post options soon. If it's 2 groups can have a big and small loop and we cannae get lost as there is watter on 3 sides of the East Neuk! Rendevous is the cracking chippie in Anstruther which will serve as an incentive on getting the job done! (Suppers at the finish). Cafe stop factored in and pace is social Good to have decent bunch! Any takers? The Navigator
  12. smokeychrome

    Wee Ring 5th August

    Stand-in Capt for the day and a great effort all round from the Wee Ring. Nic, Vern, Geoff and myself followed the bunch down to the Clune; then the hurt started. First time for all - good steady climbing then we re-grouped before heading for Kilmacolm. Cruised down the track to Brookfield then Nic split (work calling!) Three of us did the Kibblestone to Howwood and re-fuelled. Fast and flat back along track to Paisley with 2 off us heading back roads to Bishy. Great wee run, good to meet some new members and good pace - well in troops! G
  13. smokeychrome

    PVCC bike boxes

    Fully agree Mark and I raised recently and was discussed at committee. The decision was no and respect that it is a collective decision etc. I do feel this is something we should revisit as it can be a modest income generator potentially (granted not a lot) and more importantly provides a facility for the members. I paid £50 for a week's hire and we might want to set a price below this to give something back to the members? Fair to say the foreign jaunts are becoming more popular and i dont think we would have an issue renting out. I did a bit of legwork on getting a price so committee have this info. Likewise other thoughts welcome?
  14. smokeychrome

    Long sleeve club jersey swap or sell

    Anyone have a medium long sleeve club top they would swap for a large? Too big and a wind sock on me! If no takers then would sell for 20 quid if anyone interested, great condition. G
  15. smokeychrome

    Wee Ring 25th Feb

    Good to meet you Matthew and glad you enjoyed it. You've joined a great bunch! Hope you'll be able to come along for some of the spring/summer epics - check the calendar for more info Greg