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  1. Ronnie these days would struggle to hold any wheel 😢
  2. Set of 2 x25mm tyres and tubes. £16. I’ve been running these for a few years’ lot cheaper than Gatorskins but still tough. Wouldn’t reccommend for racing on them but great training tyres & great in winter I’ve bought a set as spares.
  3. You up for Saturday bunch next week ?


    1. Veloscot



      getting there though




  4. Hi all I have a brand new, bagged & unworn Beveridge PVCC long sleeve jacket in large which is, well too large for me. It's on the pick list at Pactimo when shop opens, will sell £10 less than Pactimo are selling for. In other news, after 18 months of hell I'm declared "clear" & can resume training. Ronnie
  5. Worked the turn 9 till 11 Dugald. Perfect conditions today. R
  6. At my age I forget things 😉 Hope the shoe covers came off without taking an eye out Don!
  7. All reserves WILL get a ride. 4 clubs didn't get a start as not enough to complete a team (remember it's a team event though) Last year only Greig & I turned out for PV. Hopefully see the reserves tomorrow at the turn! Ronnie
  8. No PVCC on start list?? You should still pop along & drop some pennies in the buckets & have a look at the Flying Scot display. All for 3 good causes this year. Nice cakes too if that's your thing... I'm marshalling whole day at the roundabout & will give a shout if any reserves take a place. Read on FB Geoff is saying all reserves will get a start. Looks like ideal conditions. Ronnie
  9. Just bear in mind if your wheel goes & no spare The commies will have to leave you & your pushing your bike back to start unless they send a car out to you. Thats your shoes buggered as well... Unless its the front one & tou can do a Sagan & wheely all the way home. I've marshalled a few races this year & its a sad sight. JD is correct, that road is a disgrace & at speeds up to 30mph on the flat no wheel will survive a pothole. Garmins go flying off the bike as well... I went to watch it a couple of years back, if I remember right its 4 laps of about 10 miles & average pace of 25mph on a lumpy route. I would go along & watch this year but away at a wedding. Good luck to all going.
  10. Guys Another ex-member but can’t help adding what I hope is a positive contribution. I sincerely hope you don’t as a club make the ill-fated choice to start a "Race Team" as it is always something that can lead to rancour eventually as well as attracting a certain type of ego. I had the absolute pleasure when an athlete with Kilbarchan AAC to be able to train with full British Internationals as well as Scottish Champions, the likes of Bobby Quinn, Gerry Fairley & Robert Fitzsimmons as well as at some midweeks at Ravenscraig with the legendary Tommy Murray. None of these guys ever felt the need to leave their club structure to be successful racers & in fact warmly welcomed & encouraged anyone they came across. No elitism or egos. We in the West of Scotland watched in awe as the Edinburgh clubs were ripped apart by the first Racing Club, the rather grandly named "Racing Club: Edinburgh" the East Coast clubs never fully recovered which was a damn shame, all for because of the Robson brothers falling out with their own club. Racing teams are a strange concept as far as I can see. Build up your membership again with experienced guys, get out with The Renfrew & Southside bunches & learn how to ride on the wheels & corner at speed in a bunch. Good luck with whatever you vote on. Ronnie
  11. Hope this is helpful. Closed to motor traffic for 4 weeks... Temporary closure of Bascule Bridge, Inchinnan Road, Renfrew During pre-maintenance inspections, it has been identified that more intensive structural works are required to ensure the bridge maintains its essential ability to open or close for river traffic. Therefore the bridge will be closed to traffic for four weeks from Saturday 5 August but will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists during this time.
  12. Colin Nothing secure on it http://www.mapmyride.com/my_home/ User Veloscot Password: PVCC2017 (thoughtful or what? :-)) Go to routes. My routes & courses. Please dont change the password, but feel free to add routes
  13. Nothing secure on it http://www.mapmyride.com/my_home/ User Veloscot Password: PVCC2017 (thoughtful or what? :-)) Go to routes. My routes & courses. Please dont change the password, but feel free to add routes