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  1. This weeks Sunday cycle will be to Largs for Big Ring via coast we have few options go via Greenock Cut back Helia brae, or coast to Largs back Helia brae or old Largs road , can decide on day , Cafe Break at Largs Approximately 52 miles Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and a drink Plenty fluids. Money for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone. We are only as fast as the slowest rider, regrouping top of hills, we start together, we finish together. All winter rides are subject to change on the day due to weather.Please keep an eye on the Whatsapp Chat . Leaving from Paisley Town Hall at 9am, so get there just before 8.50am!
  2. Ian

    Don Smith Memorial 3rd March 2019

    I'm going to enter be good if we could get good turnout in Velo colours to participate in this , good cause as well . Ian
  3. Ian

    Local Hill Training

    Stuart , we will be doing hill training when clocks change , midweek , instead of doing hill reps we are looking to take in few hills over a 20 - 30 mile cycle , this doesn't help you in mean time , head out towards bishopton get on country roads , Kilmacolm u will find hills around there , look at guys in club Strava most Sunday's we take in hills of some sort follow those routes . Cycle path to Kilmacolm and head over to Lochwinnoch cycle path back , good training route for hills , can do other way about also. But most of all get out and cycle your hill fitness will take care of themselves but don't avoid them Ian
  4. Ian

    Time to say goodbye.

    It's hard this time of year to motivate yourself to get out , but come the good weather it becomes more enjoyable and look forward to getting out , you know you are more than welcome to join us again , look forward to seeing you on the road in future James ( my training bud ) you are going nowhere bar out on road again, you have other commitments now but there will always be time for a cycle , see you soon 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
  5. New Year Cycle 2019 We will be starting off the New Year with our annual cycle into Glasgow, roads should be quiet, we will meet at Abbey at 10 am ( hour later than normal ) head along Paisley Road West , go into Belladrome for a few laps , then head into Glasgow, take in a hill then head for cafe stop, this will be an easy pace cycle Usual requirements Helmet, spare tubes, tools, mobile, money for cafe stop, lights , mudguards We are only as fast as slowest rider, regrouping top of hills, we start together we finish together Weather looks good at moment but keep an eye on forum/ whatsapp for any changes Ian
  6. This week our Xmas Sunday cycle Big ring will be to Largs, ( good calorie burner before festive season ) we will meet at Abbey 9 am , cycle round Airport, Bishopton, Westferry, Gourock, round the coast to Largs, Cafe break Bagel Basket, back via Haylie Brae, Kilbirnie, cycle path to base , Approx 56 miles We are only as fast as slowest cyclist, regrouping top of hills, we start together we finish together Remember spare tubes, tools, mobile, money, mobile phone, nutrition and a drink , lights and mudguards winter cycle This cycle is all weather dependent this time of year , we may shorten or go as one group wee/ big depending on numbers Looking forward to seeing you before festive season kicks in Ian
  7. This week Wee Ring will be cycling round Renfrewshire, we will cycle to Johnstone, Kilbarchon, Howwood, Carruthimuir, Quarriors Village, Bridge of Weir, Cafe Break Bernie's , Houston , Georgetown back to base . Will discuss cafe break with Wee Ring on Sunday , we will be close to Farm Cafe but nearer end of cycle but in my opinion better Cafe break. Bring Helmet, Spare tubes, tools, mobile, nutrition, money for cafe stop , bikes should have lights and mudguards fitted We are only as fast as slowest cyclist, regrouping top of hills , we start together we stay together . New members welcome Ian
  8. Ian

    Spain , Denia 2019

    Update on Denia trip , we now have 12 going Flights booked £ 264 sharing luggage Hotel £186 pp Half Board / Double rooms , doesn't need to be paid until arrival Bike hire £80, Saturday to Friday , Canyon, Focus Transport to hotel from Airport £40 return approx Anybody else want to join us , get flights booked details above post then we will get the rest done for you You know you want to , embrace the wife, girlfriend, partner into letting you go 🌞🚴🍻🍸🍰 Ian
  9. Ian

    Spain , Denia 2019

    A few of us have been looking at our options for trip abroad next year , we have decided to go back to Denia , mainland Spain again. The dates are for 7 days although 5 days is an option for anybody wanting to join us , we will be leaving on 18 th May and returning on 25 th. At the moment we have only booked flights but have approx prices for transport to hotel, hotel costs , bike hire Gavin, Rab , Dugald, Andy ,Mark ,and myself have all booked flights , to keep costs down we share Hold luggage and take on our own hand luggage it works for us but you have option to take your own Hold luggage at extra cost. Flights Jet 2 18 May Departs 0715 Glasgow Airport Arrives Alicante 1130, Flight LS177 Return Alicante 25th May 1220 Arrives Glasgow 1435, Flight LS178 Cost £264 pp sharing luggage Hotel Daniya Spa 4 star Cost £195 approx Half board / Double rooms Bike Hire £135 approx for week , trying to get same company as last year Canyon bikes Transport to hotel and back to Airport £40 pp There might be cheaper flights on and about these dates but remember time you arrive at Airport , ( will there be transport available etc , with our flights gives us time to get bikes set up , short cycle on Saturday make sure everything ok . Cycling in Denia on great roads , we averaged about 56 miles a day , the roads once out town are quiet nearly car free , the pros train over there so expect some climbing , sorry embrace the climbing , what goes up must come down descents are brilliant. Cafe Stops as many as we want,Remember it's our cycling holiday so we do what we want . Over the winter is when I get my preparation in , cycle at least once a week couple of hills in there, spin classes or turbo whatever your preference , Spring , try and pick up out on bike more , hill climbs, sportives . Make hills over there never easy but more bearable and there wasn't a day when I didn't want to get out , sun on your back, smooth roads , swimming pool waiting back at hoteland good company Might have forgot something guys from last year will keep me right. Anybody wanting to join us let us know 🚴☀️😎 🍹
  10. Xmas Night Out We will be meeting at Grill in the park at 1915 to be seated for 1930, looking forward to seeing you , only 2 still to tell me menu option , if you could get in before tomorrow Ian
  11. This week we will be cycling to Helensburgh via Balloch, wee change of normal route we take , we will be going down Sinclair Drive, we will have Cafe Stop at Helensburgh, then cycle back to base , Approx 52 miles, weather looking good at moment Meet Abbey 9am Bring Helmet, spare tubes, tools, mobile, nutrition, money for cafe stop, and as it's winter cycle Bike Lights , mudguards We are only as fast as slowest rider, regrouping top of hills, we start together we finish together All winter cycles are subject to change on the day if weather is not as good as we hoped Ian
  12. This week Wee Ring will be doing a cycle that will get us back to Paisley Cenotaph to pay our respects on Remembrance Sunday. We will be leaving at 9 am from Abbey to Elderslie, Howwood,Crossflat farm , Carruthmuir, Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir, Georgetown, round Airport and back to Paisley. After paying our respects we will have Cafe Break in Paisley, time allowing and anybody wanting to do extra miles we can plan a route from Cafe . We will keep eye on time on route there is a few shortcuts along the way if we have any mechanicals etc Usual requirements for cycle, helmet, tubes, tools, nutrition, mobile, money for cafe break, ideally you will have your mudguards fitted but no worries if you haven't We only cycle as fast as slowest cyclist , regrouping top of hills , we start together we stay together This group is ideal for anybody new to cycling who wants to come along and cycle with us Ian
  13. Middle ring will be cycling round Renfrewshire on Sunday, start of winter cycles 😢 , extra hour in bed this weekend 😃, we will be cycling round Airport, Bishopton, Ingliston loop, West Glen rd, Kilmacolm, Lochwinnoch, Cafe break, short cycle along cycle path to Howwood, Bowfield, Cannyman, Lochlibo Road, Dunlop, back to Lochlibo Road, Barrhead and back to base. Approx 48 miles ,plenty of bail out points if you don't want to do full cycle Weather wise is looking ok although cold , Summer bikes should be ok for another week 2% chance of rain according to my app. Bring Helmet, spare tubes, tools, mobile, nutrition, money for cafe stop, and as it's winter cycle Bike Lights We are only as fast as slowest rider, regrouping top of hills Ian
  14. This year we will be having our Christmas Night in Grill in the Park , Paisley , we will meet at 1900 to be seated for 1915 on 23rd November 2018 , looking forward to seeing everyone ,🎅🥂🍺🎅 Ian
  15. Ian

    Pre/Post ride Nutrition

    Pre cycle ,Porridge and 🍌 , with honey . Take a gel not long into cycle Post cycle , protein shake , then anything that takes my fancy , always think I've earned it whether I have or not. Ian