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  1. Hi Folks Just a quick Covid update from the committee ahead of the new rules coming in tonight. This is based on guidance that’s been issued by Scottish Cycling. For ad-hoc rides, the guidance remains as 6 people from up to 2 households. You are, however, permitted to ride between local authority areas during a ride as long as you start and finish in the same location. Similarly, you can travel out with Level 4 areas. For formally organised rides (supported by a Covid coordinator), you can have up to 7 riders from 7 households and the same rules apply around boundaries. The involvement of Covid coordinators on these rides would make organisation very difficult so we don’t propose to run organised club rides for the moment. We’ll keep an eye on this and get organised rides up and running when we can. For anyone riding in a group in the next few weeks, be mindful that members of the public probably won’t be aware of this guidance. Remember to maintain social distance as far as possible and avoid contact with people in other local authority areas. If we keep within the rules, it’ll help avoid any bad press for cyclists and reduce the risk of the government putting heavier restrictions on us. If anyone wants to look at the guidance in more detail, you can find it here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland/article/20200313-Scottish-Cycling-Coronavirus-COVID19-Guidance-0 Thanks Andy (Covid Coordinator)
  2. Hi guys The weather is looking as good as it has done all month, which is not saying very much at all. The proposed route for this Sunday is down to Largs. We'll go down the track towards Lochwinnoch then up and over the Haylie Brae and down to town for a cafe stop. Will decide on the route back at that point but there are a few options depending on the weather (including the train!) Keep your eye on the whatsapp group in the morning for any updates. If the weather is truly manky we may change plans. Remember Tubes , lights , tools , nutrition , money , mobile - No rider left behind! Cheers Andy