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  1. Happy to cook meal for everybody on friday night if folks are interested? Aurelien
  2. Hi Dugald, I am in!! Aurelien
  3. Great Andy. Fancy Pollok? Not sure where would it be best to meet? I can take cycle track-ish to Pollok from Paisley (if I remember the route !!), could meet you somewhere on the way or at the park, or could do a detour to meet you on Glasgow road? I think will take the cycle track up to Ross Hall Park anyway. I think 19:00 will be ther earliest I will be able to leave the house. Should we say 19:30 in front of Pollok House, if fail to agree on another meeting point? Aurelien
  4. Hi, i need to do few off road rides before Hallox, and planing to go to Pollock park or up the Braes on wednesday night (24/10/18) with my cx bike. Thinking of 19:00/19:30 start. Anybody interested? Aurelien
  5. Hi, I assume everybody is welcomed, including non club members? I have a friend who would be interested to come for the day. Aurelien
  6. Hi. i can drive and take another 3 people (4 in total including myself), Or get a lift, do not mind. Aurelien
  7. I usually have muesli/porridge on the morning, and always a SIS Rego recovery shake after any excercise, which includes protein and carbs.
  8. Still coming, I can drive and can take 4 people in total (including myself) with bikes Aurelien
  9. Hi Derek, Sounds great, looking forward to it!! Is this happening weekly or fortnightly? Thanks Aurelien
  10. Hi, count me in if they are still spaces. I texted you Aurelien
  11. Aurelien

    One Mile TT

    I would be interested, when I can make it. Hopefully will be there this week for the club TT Aurelien
  12. Hi, I am planing to be there to either participate or help. Aurelien