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  1. Stuart Smith

    Interested in joining?

    Hi Daniel, I was wondering if the outing would be on due to the weather. That's no problem, I will come along next week. Plan on doing a shorter local route tomorrow to stretch the legs. Thanks, Stuart.
  2. Stuart Smith

    Interested in joining?

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for the reply and the details provided above. I started cycling on a mountain bike when doing munros and then used this on the cycle tracks in Renfrewshire. I then decided to swap this for a road bike and did mostly flat rides to Bishopton and Houston average speed 21km. I've recently joined Strava to try and get my speed and distance up. The Sunday small ring sounds good, I was just a bit reluctant to join as I did not want to slow anyone down. Upon speaking to Colin he has settled my nerves so thought I would message to hopefully join. Thanks again, Stuart.
  3. Stuart Smith

    Interested in joining?

    I would like to Join the Club, I had initially contacted through Facebook but felt this would be more appropriate. I have spoke with Colin Sales who has highly recommended the club to me. I have been a bit hesitant due to never cycling in a bunch before and if my speed is up to the pace.