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  1. This Sunday we are intending on joining the middle ring out towards Helensburgh but with the option of taking the shortcut to Balloch from Dumbarton. Nice route, mainly flat - apart from the Bridge - and a wee cafe stop at McD’s in Balloch and around 38miles door to door. let’s hope for a little warmer weather but wrap up well if it is still cold. Any risk of ice and I for one won’t be out so keep a close eye on the forecast. Make sure you and your steed are well prepared for the club run. See you at 8.50 ciao for now Derek
  2. Hi all, AGM report attached for your review and information. Section 6 has a list of the discussion points that came up. Clearly we need to get the committee positions sorted soon as we need to advise Scottish Cycling and CTT of our new secretary details this month. Thanks to the people who have stepped up to join the new committee. Support them PLEASE! Derek PVCC AGM Report 2019.pdf
  3. Hi all, The arrangements for the AGM are 7pm for 7.15pm start. As always there will be tea/coffee/juice on offer and some sandwiches. I will be preparing a report that will become the record of the meeting which will be uploaded to the site. However, the agenda will loosely be as follows. 1. Chairman address and reflection of 2019. 2. Review of Income and Expenditure 3. Presentation of Awards (Photo opportunities) 4. Outgoing chairman's statement 5. Voting in of new committee (3-5 members) 6. Items for discussion including Saturday & Sunday Runs, TT, Hill Climb. Club Kit, Communications - forum/whatsapp/facebook, funds and any other club business 7. Close by 9pm latest Unfortunately Liam won't be there as he will be on holiday so you will have to listen to me for longer....sorry about that! Also, I appreciate that changing the committee on a wholesale basis is not ideal but we are not going anywhere so we will help support the new committee as an overlap in the coming months. Graeme Galbraith is also looking to hand over the club treasurer role so we need to discuss the mechanics of this also. He will, thankfully, be available to do the tax statement annually so that will be a help to the club. We have many awards to make on the evening so I am very much looking to another positive AGM and hopefully with a healthy attendance from the club members. Regards Derek
  4. Guys, it was a pity that we had to cancel this on Sunday but the weather conditions were not conducive to safe cycling. Given that it will not be possible now to rearrange this due to some people being unavailable and the AGM/Presentation of awards this month we shall use the Bowfield times for this year's championship results. So, congratulations to Dave McCormack for back to back wins, to Kevin Carr and Danny Thomson for second and third places. Thanks to all of the other competitors for making it a good event. Hopefully the guys will be at the AGM to accept their awards. See you soon. Derek
  5. Week 2 and final event for the Hill Climb Championship this Sunday 6th October at Auchenlodment hill In Johnstone. The Strava section starts after a bend in the road but I am not keen on this start position as I feel it is dangerous. So, we’ll start back along the road at football ground. https://strava.app.link/5SZK8HYKq0 We will meet as we did last time at the Abbey at 9am where I will take names for the starter sheet. Then we will head out to Johnstone Burgh football ground. This is a hard ride and a fair distance at 3.6k but thankfully it is not all uphill and has a downhill section and a few flats. I must add that the forecast at the minute is not great so keep and eye on this post and the WhatsApp group. Look forward to seeing you Sunday. Derek
  6. Six of us today with the lads still in the borders. Tahir, Geoff, Fraser, Caleb, Verne and myself. Easy run out to Clerkland Farm for lovely scones and coffee. Group split after that with Tahir, Geoff and Caleb heading off on the middle ring route and the remaining 3 of us heading back over the lumps and bumps passed the wind farm and down into Neilston. good wee run, 32 miles or so. Good run for Fraser who will benefit from the hills. Cheers Derek Wee ring on next week whilst the Hill Climb championship last week is on.
  7. Week 1 of the PVCC HCC done then on a cool but reasonably calm Sunday morning on the Bowfield. 10 riders competed so given that it is a 2 stage event, they will be the 10 riders who will compete for the overall prizes. As expected Dave McCormack is setting the pace and will be difficult to catch on week 2, unless he gets a mechanical - which could be arranged!! 😉 We have a cracking battle for the second and third places with Kevin Carr putting in a fast time and Danny Thomson not far behind and with a longer route on Auchenlodment these small time splits could be easily made up. We have a very close grouping between Dimitar, Mark, Terry, & Andy who all had really good rides and they are by no means out of the race for trophy. Thanks to Sandy, Tahir and Gavin for helping me with the timing and starts. All to play for, see you on the 6th October. Derek Paisley Velo CC Hill Climb Championship Week 1 Bowfield 15/09/19 Week 2 Auchenlodment 06/10/19 1 Dave McCormack 03:59:00 2 Kevin Carr 04:18:00 3 Danny Thomson 04:25:00 4 Dimitar Nechev 04:42:00 5 Mark Grabham 04:43:00 6 Terry Nelson 04:51:00 7 Andy McLeod 04:58:00 8 Andy Taylor 05:17:00 9 Geoff Clark 05:23:00 10 Ian Morris 05:58:00
  8. Liam, great report and well done for leading the wee ring group again. Great to see Andy Brown back out again as you say and I hope Fraser enjoyed his morning out with and that he got that special buzz of riding in a group which we all get when we first go out in a bunch. Julie seems to be improving nicely too so great stuff all round. Derek
  9. No earlier than 9.30 and hopefully no later than 10am Greg Derek
  10. Sorry for late confirmation but Sunday runs cancelled today due to rain and dangerous surface conditions. Derek
  11. Smashing wee run today with good climbing and some fast stretches. Stayed dry for the most part until it rained 10mins before the cafe stop at the Boarding House. Heavy legs after staying in the big ring for the hills! Thanks for the tip Terry 😬 See you soon guys. Derek
  12. Week 7 and we have 3 helpers and 3 riders. Andy, Matt and myself took on the course on which had it's prevailing headwind on the way out then naturally a good tail wind on the way back. Both Andy and Matt put good times in but 10-15secs off their PB's. I had an off night as I went off too fast and got a stitch which was very painful and I couldn't shake off so half way out I chucked it and just slow pedalled to the roundabout in the hope that the stitch would clear and I could have a blast back which is what happened. However, towards the end of the long straight I hit a pot hole that I didn't even see as it was very narrow but really deep! Both tyres blew at 26mph and I was very fortunate to stay upright until I came to a stop. Mark Syme who was at the start rode back out for me and called Dave McCormack to come out and pick me up in his car as I had no tools or tubes on me....naturally! Anyway, as we know Dave has won Group and Andy stretched hi lead over me to 22secs for the 2 best combined times and 26secs in front of Sandy with one week to go. I am not 100% if I am competing this week but hopefully we will have the numbers to make it worth while having the last week given the drop off of bodies. Catch you later Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 25/04/19 TT No. 2 02/05/19 TT No. 3 09/05/19 TT No. 4 16/05/19 TT No. 7 06/06/19 TT No. 8 13/06/19 TT No. 7 20/06/19 TT No. 8 27/06/19 PB (This Year) 1 Dave McCormack 16:10:00 15:57:00 15:56:00 15:42:00 15:42:00 2 Andy Taylor 17:35:00 18:03:00 17:19:00 17:21:00 17:51:00 17:19:00 3 Kevin Carr 18:17:00 18:37:00 18:17:00 4 Mark Syme 19:39:00 18:43:00 18:27:00 18:27:00 5 Matt Sobanski 18:31:00 18:53:00 18:31:00 6 Greig Hiddleston 18:44:00 18:44:00 7 Andy McLeod 20:59:00 19:23:00 19:58:00 19:35:00 18:57:00 19:12:00 18:57:00 8 Derek McBurnie 19:28:00 19:03:00 19:35:00 DNF 19:03:00 9 Sandy Ross 19:52:00 19:37:00 19:32:00 19:03:00 19:03:00 10 Don Smith 19:05:00 19:05:00 11 Simon Arnold 19:11:00 19:11:00 12 Aidan Quinlan 20:42:00 19:55:00 20:06:00 19:55:00 13 Kieran Cunningham 21:00:00 20:26:00 20:48:00 20:26:00 14 Dugald McCallum 20:39:00 20:39:00 15 Geoff Clark 21:25:00 21:25:00
  13. I accidentally added the report for this ride onto Saturday’s Run so refer to that for report. cheers Derek