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  1. Hi all, I have Castelli shorts (not bibs) for sale is size Large. All black, bought in late 2018 to train on a turbo in winter but find them too tight (Castelli sizing). I've used them maybe 3 times. As new condition. I'm looking for £50
  2. Hi all, Starting times are 8.30-9.30 for LONG route, and 8.30-10.00 for SHORT and MEDIUM. Anyone still looking for transport?
  3. I will cycle to Large with the two rings but will need to split and return home solo. I will see you all at 8am
  4. I've spent 2 days cycling in the area 12 years ago. Spectacular scenery, strong headwinds 😁 Do you always drive up and down Mark?
  5. You don't need to ride hills to be good at hills. If you're really struggling for a bigger cassette if your rear mech allows for it. Sign up for Training Peaks account. It's free. Link it to your Strava account. Training Peaks will from your rides calculate the an-aerobic HR threshold. It helps with further training. You can ride hills just below the anaerobic threshold HR for a good while if you're used to suffering. That's where the next part comes in. In your training start with 1 minute at an-aerobic threshold HR. Comfortable cadence, 85-95rpm. Recover but don't let your HR fall too much. About 2 minutes to start with should be plenty. Repeat 5 times, rest 6 minutes, repeat 3 times the whole block. With warm-up and cool down it's best part of an hour. Some cadence drills, 60-70 standing to build strength or 80 seated, first for a minute then extend. How long you do it for depends on the nature of the climbs you want to conquer. Shift down two or even three gears and you can do it wherever you ride. Gym strength training helps a lot. Squats, dead lifts, leg curls, glutes, CORE. I could give pointers regarding safe technique. Because we're all probably riding at different power it's difficult to stay together and train effectively outdoors. Thursday evening, Dark Ring ride, might be good for it. We have a loop in Hillington so very close.
  6. Mateusz Sobanski


    Hi James, what's included in the 105 and Ultegra groupsets? How much would you like to get for both?
  7. My wife is impressed with your drawing skills Derek. Decent job 👍 The file could also be clipped in the JOINING THE CLUB part of the forum
  8. I got a polo shirt, size medium in grey. Its a good fit and quality polyester. I was disappointed that Pactimo doesn't offer it in cotton. I'll have to wear it over some vests or long sleeve base layer as I don't like the feeling of polyester against skin. I also got a zipped softshell with a good in black, size medium. From the first time I touched it and tried on I was in love with it. Softer than a jacket, slightly stiffer than a fleece. Warm, windproof, water resistant (for now). It's got two zipped hand pockets and zipped chest pocket on the right. Pockets are warm. I suffer from cold hands all the time and the insulated pockets are a blessing. The fabric is like a ducks back. It sheds water droplets easily. Today it was -2*C, windy day on the golf course and with a cotton Polo and Merino jumper underneath I was warm. The only minor negative would be the zipped which could be of a better quality (YKK). And maybe if the inside of a good was Velo Green... Edit: A drawstring at the bottom would be nice too. And I wouldn't mind not having the option to unzip the hood. 😁
  9. Hi all dark riders. Anyone brave enough to embrace the wind is welcome to meet me at 7pm at the Abbey for a few laps of Hillingdon estate. Lights, mudguards, helmet, spare tube, pump, tools, energy gel just in case. Did I forget anything?
  10. Aidan, in your absence tonight just copying. Hope you don't mind. Last Minute Dark Ring Fast Bunch Hillington Loop tonight  Leaving the Abbey for 1900 sharp LIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL Segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/16225918 1915 Meeting Spot Google MapsPin: https://maps.google.com/?cid=4190942552704653003
  11. Hi Liam, Ordered grey polo and softshell both medium. Just in case you don't get my email Thanks, Matt
  12. https://www.strava.com/routes/16220694 — Campsies & Trossachs Dougald your link doesn't seem to work
  13. Thursday 15th November was a nice day. Until the Dark Ring hour came that is. Then it got wet and windy. Typical. Matt wasn't out for over a week and was looking forward to sweaty efforts with a few of the other club members. The appointed hour came and passed and none of his cycling buddies was in sight. Matt was wet already so decided to go on with the ride. Glasgow Road was typical affair. Penilee towards the bridge a bit busier. Matt pulled in to let a queue that formed behind him overtake. A few friendly horns and he was on the move again having created at least one positive relation between drivers and cyclists. Hillingdon Experience loop was quiet. Matt was hoping to meet see some friendly faces there but it wasn't his day. Half a dozen laps later and one happy chap started to cool down after achieving a new PB. Quick bike dismount, clean and polish 😉 in the garage. He could feel his freezing toes again in the hot bath half an hour later.