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    Looking to join a cycling club and not sure? This last few days in Mallorca sums up what to me a good club is all about The banter camaraderie and Club Spirit has shone through No one left out , making new friends not just for this week but for hopefully a life time , being told your club kit is smart , knowing that your in that kit and that when your in it you are representing not just the club but the individuals who had the vision to start it Coming back to cycling after 30 years and 2 years later being with a group of like minded individuals who look out and cared for each other is to me what A Club is all about Chapeau Stevie and Ian I think we did the PVCC proud this week
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    Following a recent touring trip I took it was suggested that I provide a write up just in case anyone was looking to do something similar or looking for ideas. So here goes….. When a mate at work asked if I fancied doing the Hebridean Way I jumped at the chance as I’d been looking into myself. He’s a member of the Ayr Burners and his name is Donald. That coincidence made it easy for us to introduce ourselves to everyone we met on the journey. Although it might have given the tourist we met the impression that all Scots were called Donald. We decide to travel light using our road bikes and strap-on saddlepacks. Basically one set of cycling clothes and one set of casual gear. Worked well for us but can’t vouch for whether others found the smell overpowering! Throughout the journey the workload was shared. When Donald was tired then Donald could take over the pace setting at the front. When moral was low Donald could encourage Donald. Unfortunately when things didn’t go to plan it was always Donald’s fault, however at no point did Donald fall out with Donald which was a bonus. Donald had a great time, as did Donald. Overall the trip was a bit harder than expected as it was a bit hillier and definitely windier than hoped. There’s a lot of single track roads and generally the road conditions were good. We decided to do it over three days with a travelling day each side. This made for a total of about 273 miles for me over 5 days including the short rides to and from Glasgow Queen Street. Day 1 (19 miles) started with a 3 hour train journey to Oban followed by a 5 hour ferry journey to Castlebay on Barra. The good news is that the scenery was great and we were constantly travelling away from the bad weather that was swinging in to the central belt. We stayed at the Dunard Hostel, which was excellent, and ate at the Craigard hotel as our first choice the Kisimul Café was fully booked. This was followed by a couple of pints in the Castlebay hotel. Unfortunately the Vatersay Boys were not performing at the Castlebay that night. Or maybe that was a good thing considering we had to be up early the next day, and considering the state I got into the last time I saw them play there! The official route start of the Heb Way is on Vatersay so to save time in the morning we decided to cycle out to Vatersay and back before dinner. While it was only 12 miles in total out there and back it wasn’t without a challenge as the road out of Castlebay hits 12.5%. So doing this without our bags was a good call! Think it was just as hard on the way back. Evening meal with a view A Vatersay beach Day 2 (89 miles) dawned bright and just got better as the day went on. A short ride up the west coast of Barra and then over to Ardmhor to catch the ferry to Eriskay, the Whisky Galore island. After a quick visit to the Am Politician pub, which not surprisingly was shut at that hour, and it was time to cross the causeway to South Uist. Eriskay ferry terminal West Kilbride café, South Uist Throughout the day there was beach after beach as we travelled across numerous causeways from Eriskay through South Uist, Benbecula, Grimsay and North Uist towards our destination of Berneray. There was a great we café for 2nd breakfast shortly after Eriskay at West Kilbride. It was too good an opportunity to miss so with a herculean 15 miles on the clock we decided to stop. After bacon rolls and tea we reluctantly got back on the road. The official Heb Way through South Uist, and in part in North Uist, doesn’t always take the most direct route. It meanders along wee single track roads, through scattered settlements, and skirting the machair next to the beaches. This part of the journey was a real joy and I’d recommend following the marked route rather than missing out by taking the more direct route. A South Uist beach A Benbecula beach A large part of the day was a bit of a grind into the wind however the blue skies more than made up for it. We had lunch in a café at Benbecula (a bit of a Fawlty Towers experience!) and after 89 miles we arrived at the Gatliff hostel on Berneray which consists of a couple of lovely wee thatched building right on the beach. Unfortunately you can’t book the hostel in advance so we made sure to keep ahead of all the other cyclists we saw to try and ensure we got a bed! As there was a chance the shop in Berneray might be shut by the time we got there we bought provisions at a Coop at Sollas with about 11 miles to go. That night the hostel was nearly full, and there was good company and good craic to be had. Helped by the fact that we’d couriered in our carry out! Gatliff hostel Berneray Day 3 (63 miles) started with a 7:15am ferry to Harris. While it seemed wet on Berneray it was nothing compared to what we would experience on Harris. The beaches on Harris are stunning. I know this from previous visits, but today they were a shadow of themselves in the mist. The rain was relentless and the wind was 20+mph with numerous stronger gusts. The climb over to Tarbert was a real challenge especially given the conditions. It was so awful that we decided to spend over two hours in a great we café (First Fruits) in the centre of Tarbert waiting for the forecast change in wind direction to help us on our way. We were in the café so long we were on first name terms with the staff and were being given free coffees! Café, Tarbert, Harris Leaving Tarbert was like cycling along a river but at least the wind was trying to help us. Shortly after Tarbert we hit the climb over the shoulder of Clisham. The steepness and headwind at the start had us at our limit but as we climbed into the mist it got a bit easier. As we descended and reached Lewis the wind was now helping us and the weather continued to improve. As we headed over to our B&B (Creagan) at Callanish it turned into a lovely afternoon and the forecast strong tailwind materialised and meant that we arrived sooner than expected with another 63 miles in the bag. That night we headed over to the Callanish Visitors Centre to visit the 5,000 year old standing stones, and to dine in the visitors centre restaurant which is open till 8pm in the summer. Basic but decent food on offer. I carb loaded on macaroni cheese and chips. Lewis Callanish Stones Day 4 (64 miles) The weather was OK. It was mainly dry but with a few showers. The main issue was the wind. It fair helped us as we headed up the final leg of the Way to the Butt of Lewis. One of the challenges of the day was that Lewis is shut on a Sunday as it’s the Sabbath. So it came as a surprise to find a café (The Decca Lionel) open about half a mile before you reach the Butt. It was a great we place and worth a visit. Especially as it seemed to be the only place opened that day! The Butt of Lewis The Butt of Smith We’d completed about 36 mile but the hard part of the day was just about to start. Leaving the Butt we had to tackle the 28 miles over to Stornoway. The landscape is bleak in this area and the winds are often relentless and brutally strong. Can’t remember the last time I was descending using climbing gears and managing about 5mph! One of the highlights of this part of the journey was 20 minutes spent sheltering from the wind in a bus shelter! The moor road from Barvas seemed to climb on and on but eventually with 64 miles in the bag for the day we arrived happily in Stornoway where we stayed at the Heb Hostel. Another great wee hostel and centrally located. Eating and drinking options were limited as most places were closed. However the local Indian restaurant took care of us and we managed a couple of pints and a few whiskies at the only pub we found that was open. Day 5 (32 miles) Another early ferry, 7am, and we were back on the mainland at Ullapool shortly after 9am. We faced a 32mile cycle to Garve to catch the train to Glasgow via Inverness. While the road and scenery are great, this was probably the least enjoyable leg of the journey for me. This was mainly due to the trucks and other traffic that use this arterial road. The fish trucks heading to the continent in particular are capable of some hair raising driving! We could have extended the cycle by another 24 miles or so to Inverness but due to the nature of the next section of road and the traffic we decided that lunch in the Garve Hotel was the preferable option. It was a great trip and both of us fully expect to do the route again at some point in the future. I’d actually like to do it over more days to allow time to explore and experience more of the place. It could also be done in a day less but that would leave less time to relax and experience the place, might also turn it into a bit of an ordeal if the wind is in the wrong direction, and probably puts pressure on to catch the last ferry of the day to Harris at 17:20. If the Hebridean Way is of interest to you I’d say you should definitely go for it. It’s a fantastic route, but don’t underestimate the impact the wind can have on your experience! A Donald Another Donald
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    An early rise for the brave or the stupid awaited the Velo who put up their hands for the annual 5 Ferries cycle. With another volatile weather week, as usual all eyes were on BBC weather up until Friday evening. Eager to make the most of the day Andy T and I met in Paisley at 6.45 to cycle down to Wemyss Bay. Heavy fog passing the airport made us a bit sceptical of what mother nature had in store. Tailwind at our backs we spun down to see who else had avoided the 'col de aff'. Rumour has it some members had pre-5 ferries 5 pints on the Friday night. Sure enough Don, Gavin, Mark S, Derek, Dave Barr and Geoff were waiting tickets in hand as the weather began to look like a belter and sure enough swarms of cycling groups began to turn up. The promise of a good days weather was too good to pass up. It must have been obvious that it was my maiden 5 ferries as when I asked the shop keeper how long was the ferry he promptly replied 'about 65 metres'. Well at least he roasted me in metric terms I thought. Dave decided to do his own thing cycling around the Isle of Bute as his back heals. The rest of us we were off. The Kyles of Bute viewpoint climb was the first of three nice climbs throughout the route where Don and Andy showed continued great form despite Andys recent brief venture into camping. Don cohersed us to have a brief shop stop at Tarbert to refuel and try and make a 13.10 ferry at Claonaig which turned out only to be a figment of his imagination. The wait for the 13.50 Ferry was welcomed and laughs were a plenty. After a quick stop at Lochranza for coke and ice cream we were set to take on the last climb of the day. Our tiring legs eventually got up it and after a quick regroup we decided to put the hammer down into Brodrick (for fear they would be out of fish). Fish and Chips suppers in Brodrick and an ice cold beverage on the Ferry to Ardrosson capped off a great day on the bike with the Velo. The 5 Ferries comes highly recommended and with great reason. One to watch out for.
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    Paisley Velo Cycling Club New Members Information Welcome to Paisley Velo Cycling Club. Paisley Velo Cycling Club are always looking to Welcome New Members to our Club to participate in Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike Cycling. We specialise in Road Cycling at all levels, running regular Saturday and Sunday Cycles. We enter Sportives, have Weekend Cycling trips and Social events throughout the year. Fast bunch cycle on a Saturday Morning and Tuesday Evening this is only for accomplished cyclist who are used to cycling and handling a bike in a bunch and at fast pace. We have regular Midweek and Saturday cycles posted on our WhatsApp page for cyclist to come along for a Social cycle. Time Trial Competition Thursday Nights, which we held on the lead up to the Georgetown Cup, we like to enter a team for this competition There is also a Hill Climb Competition where we encourage all members to take part. NEW MEMBERS New members with no cycle bunch experience would be encouraged to join the Wee Ring. In this ring you are taught, bunch ring skills and shouts which help your cycling experience in whatever cycling ring you are in. ROAD CYCLING SUNDAY SOCIAL BUNCHES We have 3 cycling groups (rings), Wee 30 to 40 miles / Middle 40 to 60 miles / Big 60 plus miles The Meeting Point for Sunday Social Cycles is 0850 for 0900 start at Paisley Abbey. We cycle all year round. In Summer meeting times might change to earlier time, keep eye on the Paisley Velo Forum, 6 week calendar and WhatsApp for any changes. Winter cycles we tend to do less miles on a Sunday Social Cycle. TYPICAL SOCIAL CYCLE Club cycles tend to have a few hills involved in whatever ring you are in (regrouping top of hills in your respective group). Each ring has a Captain who is responsible for posting a cycling route on the Forum and ensure that we keep a tight, safe cycling bunch on a cycle. Depending on what ring you join speed will go up, Wee being slowest, (PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ONLY AS FAST AS SLOWEST CYCLIST IN WHATEVER RING YOU ARE IN). All members would have a bike fit for cycling and a base cycling fitness be comfortable cycling for 2 – 3 hours with Café stop. GRAVEL AND MOUNTAIN BIKE CYCLES We also have members who regularly go on Gravel and Mountain Bike cycles, theses are posted on the forum and WhatsApp group BUNCH CYCLING It is important that we have a common approach to our Bunch riding to keep us safe and to help bring on the newer members. We hope you will find this to be informative and that it will help you to be a safe member to ride with on our bunch cycles. Here is a summary of what you should concentrate on for your club rides: Make sure you bike is roadworthy and safe. Carry out your ‘M’ check as a minimum. Make sure you are roadworthy, fit and healthy enough to bunch ride, appropriate clothing, carry the right food and tools/spares. Ride smoothly, avoid abrupt changes in pace and position. Smooth change overs. Avoid accelerating/decelerating. Pass communications front to back and vice versa. Keep an eye out for hand signals and look as far ahead as possible to allow you forward plan in good time. From the back shout forward when it is clear to change lane and/or overtake parked cars. Don’t be afraid to highlight any issues to your ring captain. There will be times when we will shout ‘single up’. This is normally when we are on a twisty road when we are aware of traffic building up behind and therefore drivers can become a little stressed. So, the shout may come from back at times. Sign and call down the line and to the inside for things like obstacles, potholes and change of pace. Be vocal and clear with verbal communication. Concentrate at all times, including when talking to the rider next to you. Never pass on the inside of a rider. Ride within your abilities, don’t overextend yourself when bunch riding. Potholes and debris (Glass) If you are approaching a pothole, glass, the lead rider points out the hole by calling and signalling with a pointed left or right depending on which side they are passing. This should be passed down the bunch. Stopping for lights Ideally, think of the bunch as one vehicle. The leaders will decide if the bunch stops at the light or goes through. As soon as the light turns Amber, the leaders will call out loudly “STOPPING” if they are bringing the group to a halt. If they decide there is not enough space to stop the group safely light has just changed to amber, they will call out “ROLLING” and the whole group goes through The Highway Code states that we should not ride more than 2 abreast so we need to heed this rule along with some other rules as set out . REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Bike safe and fit for cycling Helmet (No helmet no cycle with club) Spare Tubes Pump Tyre Levers Multitool (if you have one not compulsory) Nutrition (Water bottle and snack for cycle) Money for Café Stop Mobile, Adequate Cycling Clothing If you are interested in joining the Paisley Velo Cycling Club, contact [email protected]
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    Yearly Calendar for Road Cyclists has been updated for 2020 Note: Cycles are subject to change of route, time, cancellation , due to weather etc, these are proposed summer cycles to give Paisley Velo Members and new members an idea of what is ahead this year. Any member who has done something different and want to put route forward please contact Ian Morris, must be prepared to Captain this route also. Some cycles might be changed to Saturdays and transport may be required Its important to look at Six week calendar, Whatsapp group, for updates and times of road cycles. Look out for posts for Gravel and Mountain Bike Cycles This year we will have a Tuesday Fast Bunch , Saturday Fast Bunch , if we get numbers we could introduce two groups On Sundays we will have Social Cycles for Wee / Middle / Big Rings , every 6 weeks we will have Step Up Cycle this is to give Wee ring Cyclists chance to step up to Middle, and also Middle chance to step up to Big , the Captains of these rings will bear in mind its a Step Up cycle . Local Sportives , Weekend Breaks , Denia Dates, Social Days have been included if you want to enter or come along to. Paisley Velo Time Trial Competition will start on 23 July and finish 27th August , this is run up to Georgetown Cup where we hope to enter a team, there is also the Georgetown League where members can enter if they wish. We will have a 2 up TT (bit of fun ) on 6th June, later that day we will have Barbeque in Boarding House Winter Cycles go in four week rotation , Largs , Renfrewshire, Helensburgh , East Renfrewshire Ian Morris
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    Earlier than usual start at the Abbey with Ian, Dave B, Michael, James, Aurelien, Rab and guest rider Kenny all heading off at 8am towards the airport where they met myself at the lights at the swing-bridge. With Ian & James leading the pack, we made ourselves out towards the bridge in a disciplined tidy bunch and with everyone taking their turn at the front it wasn't long before we reached Helensburgh. It was at that point Aurelien took advantage of the bail out point and turned back leaving the 7 of us to head up towards and by Faslane as we kept tabs on Rab making sure he didn't end up going up Glen Fruin again as he did before on a previous encounter 😂! After grinding out the climb just after Faslane, we rolled into Arrochar where the ladies at The Three Villages Cafe served up freshly baked warm scones and fruit slices (Andy T, just as well you weren't there as we all know how much you just can't stand WARM scones😉!). Refreshed and ready to go, it was a short but steady climb towards Tarbet and then re-grouping as we headed towards Balloch in single file as the road down was busy. We cut off the main road to join the old A82 where although it's traffic free, the emphasis is definitely placed on the word "old" as we found the surface "challenging" in places to say the least! Thankfully we all made it to Duck Bay free of any mechanical's and took a well deserved quick break not that Rab needed it of course thanks to the Countervail technology he mentioned (just a few times) on his lovely Bianchi! Break over and it was back on the saddles and homeward bound. Another great day for the Velo with laughs a plenty. Viva la Velo!
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    I know a few different routes north of the river and would have no problem captaining this from the back of the bunch lol it would add on about 14 miles from Paisley as obviously I would get you at bridge My own thoughts are that sometimes mileage against time available puts us off longer rides. Middle ring are capable of 100 but not at BR pace This would open up huge amounts of routes on a Sunday but would be a fuller day and with a 8.00am start could perhaps make it more accessible for some Thats my thoughts
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    We've completed a small forum upgrade today for you, keeping the software safe and up to date. A few new features here and there too. Have a look at the "GIF" button when creating posts, plenty fun to be had there!
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    Girls and Boys We discussed Strava privacy controls and why we should all have a look at ours. See below how to set a privacy zone around your home. Please set this up as it could save your Home/Garage/Shed being broken into. Creating a Privacy Zone On the web, go to your Settings page by hovering over your profile picture in the top right and selecting ‘Settings.’ Click on the Privacy tab on the left side of the page. Enter an address or GPS coordinate in the text field provided under ‘Hide your house/office on your activity maps,’ select the size of the privacy radius, and click ‘Create Privacy Zone.’ On Android, select ‘Settings’ from the navigation menu and select ‘Privacy’ on the next page. Scroll down to select the ‘Privacy Zones’ option. Select the ‘Add’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Enter an address, select the size of the privacy radius and hit ‘Save.’ On iOS, select 'More' on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and select 'Privacy' on the next screen. Select the ‘Privacy Zones’ option. Select the ‘Add’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Enter an address, select the size of the privacy radius and hit ‘Save.’ Regenerate your Privacy Zone Select the option to ‘Regenerate’ your privacy zone to randomize the area that’s hidden around the address you entered. Please allow a few moments for your activities to be updated. During this time, you will not be able to regenerate this Privacy Zone.
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    Hi there fellow riders, If you are new to our club - read this document If you have been with us for a while- read this document If you think you know it all - read this document. All to often confusion arises on our club runs over various issues from road position to changeovers/shouts etc. I have felt for a long time that we need a common approach and set of rules to help us ride more smoothly and ultimately safer that we can refer to. To this end I have prepared the attached document for your perusal. It is Version 1.0 so no doubt we will tweak or add/subtract from it as we go along. However, I do not foresee that we will need any wholesale changes to it. Please read over it and encourage others to do so too. No doubt we will chat about over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy it and please forgive my questionable sketching skills!! Thanks for your attention Regards Derek McBurnie PVCC Bunch Riding 2019.pdf
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    Well we knocked it off with the weather for the Fife run this weekend. 12 of us in total set out on a 60 mile circuit and took in the sights of the East Neuk and St Andrews. A cracking ride with lots of good quiet roads. Good efforts all round as pretty hilly and a stiff northerly wind for the first half which tested the legs. Tight and disciplined bunch riding throughout - a credit to the club. Well done guys and we might just do it all again next year! G
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    Ideas for routes you say? What sort of distances are you after? For groups or individuals? For social or training purposes? I may know a few. Most avoid main roads wherever possible. You can also try talking nicely with Stevie McFarlane and asking for some of the many routes he has mapped out.
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    Great idea Ian. I would be happy to help out with Crow road as known the route. Would be up for a ride up East Neuk of Fife/St Andrews some Sunday as lovely spot and different from what we are used to. I will have a look at building a couple of route ideas and aim for middle/big R miles. Would be an early start, bikes on cars and rounded off with a fish supper ( or in my case pizza supper!) G
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    Hi, This looks a lot of fun and I have registered. Anybody else fancies it? https://www.dukesweekender.com/about Gravel Enduro When: Sun 13th September 9am -5pm Where: Aberfoyle, Scotland We take you on a stunning 70km route around the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, taking on the most incredible gravel riding in the UK. It’s the perfect balance between social riding and competitiveness, with a minimum of 6 timed stages along lochsides and in the shadow of Ben Lomond, Ben Venue and Ben Ledi. Aurelien
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    Winter cycles , Wee Ring , Stewarton, Cycle to Barrhead , Lochlibo Road , Lugton, Dunlop , Stewarton , Cafe Break , A77 back to base , as with all winter cycles subject to change Approx 40 miles Meeting 0850 Abbey We are only as fast as slowest cyclist , start together finish together Remember Tubes , lights , tools , nutrition , money , mobile Captain Dave Barr
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    Winter cycles , Wee Ring Balloch, leaving Abbey 9am , cycle round Airport , Erskine Bridge , cycle path to Dumbarton ,Balloch Cafe Stop back to base . Approx 40 miles Meeting 0850 Abbey We are only as fast as slowest cyclist , start together finish together Remember Tubes , lights , tools , nutrition , money , mobile Captain Dave Barr
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    Winter cycles , Step up Cycle , Helensburgh cycle leaving Abbey 9am , cycle round Airport , Erskine Bridge , cycle path to Dumbarton , Helensburgh ( Cafe Stop ) Sinclair Dr climb , Balloch back to base . Option to do Glen Fruin for those who want to . Good cycle for Wee ring to Step up to Middle , few extra mile , we will all be there for anyone stepping up , pace , encouragement Approx 54 miles Meeting 0850 Abbey We are only as fast as slowest cyclist , start together finish together Remember Tubes , lights , tools , nutrition , money , mobile Captain Ian Morris
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    Hi, There was a bit of interest the other day on Whatsapp for this event, anybody still interested? https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/20261 https://www.strava.com/routes/8538737 Closing date is the 10th of March Aurelien
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    The link below is for the CTT each member of PVCC who wants to ride in the Georgetown Cup/League must register on the website below. This website gives you all TT races and events. And loads of info on TT in general. Make sure you put your club as Paisley Velo. https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/ Those who have Face Book can book a time slot by messaging them https://www.facebook.com/GeorgetownLeague/
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    Hi guys The weather is looking as good as it has done all month, which is not saying very much at all. The proposed route for this Sunday is down to Largs. We'll go down the track towards Lochwinnoch then up and over the Haylie Brae and down to town for a cafe stop. Will decide on the route back at that point but there are a few options depending on the weather (including the train!) Keep your eye on the whatsapp group in the morning for any updates. If the weather is truly manky we may change plans. Remember Tubes , lights , tools , nutrition , money , mobile - No rider left behind! Cheers Andy
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    We have had a significant increase in enquiries from potential new members recently, which is great! and a sign that the updated website and Social media platforms are working and catching peoples attention. Well done lad's!! To anyone new visiting the site/forum and reading this, WELCOME!!!!!, please feel free to come along any Sunday morning to Q Bikes @ Neilston Road in Paisley. We meet about 10 mins before, and set off at 9 am sharp. Although we have "Reliability Runs" ongoing through February, we will always accommodate newbies and there will always be a lead rider available to captain a shorter introductory ride or a bit longer to suit your level. So there really is no excuse for not getting on your bike and joining us! We look forward to giving you all a real Paisley Velo Welcome!
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    Club Weekend September 2020 The Old Bunkhouse Glassie Farm , Aberfeldy So after the success of the past 3 weekends to Kinlockleven and Peebles we have organised another for this year. We decided on a change of scenery and some new roads to ride on so this year we are off the Perthshire from 18th-20th September , 2 nights stay. I have booked accommodation in The Old Bunkhouse at Glassie Farm , outside Aberfeldy which gives is a terrific base to explore the area. We have the exclusive use of the place which sleeps up to 25 in bunk bed/single beds with a mixture of en-suite and non en-suite. Web site details below https://www.thebunkhouse.co.uk/ The format will follow the last two to Peebles with a morning start from Paisley up to the area where we go a ride before booking into the accommodation, Second day is the main riding day and In know that some of the Velo know this area so will be organising the routes for us. Sunday we play it be ear depending on the alcohol consumption on the Saturday night. We have previously eaten both nights in the digs which is a great atmosphere and good laugh, The format for the rides has been to split into 2 rings so that it caters for all of us. So don't be put off thinking that you will be dropped or hold anyone up that has never been an issue and both groups tend to do the same route at different pace. This is a great opportunity to have an old fashioned club weekend with like minded people and to see a part of the country you may never have seen or have only driven through on a car and has been well attended on the last 3 occasions. The cost for the whole bunkhouse is £1100,00 which is comparable with the £1000.00 Peebles cost last 2 years. If we fill all beds then it would be £44.00 for the two nights but based on past experience and numbers it should not exceed £60.00 If you are interested in going please confirm to me through the Velo Rides WhatApp ASAP. I am looking for a £10.00 non refundable deposit by end of January as I need to pay a £250.00 deposit by then and although I can pay it would rather not be out of pocket that amount till September. The balance is due 1 month before we go. Honestly this is a weekend not to miss as the banters good . I will also post on WhatApp group along with Bank Details SO COME ON LETS BE HAVING YOU
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    Week 7 and we have 3 helpers and 3 riders. Andy, Matt and myself took on the course on which had it's prevailing headwind on the way out then naturally a good tail wind on the way back. Both Andy and Matt put good times in but 10-15secs off their PB's. I had an off night as I went off too fast and got a stitch which was very painful and I couldn't shake off so half way out I chucked it and just slow pedalled to the roundabout in the hope that the stitch would clear and I could have a blast back which is what happened. However, towards the end of the long straight I hit a pot hole that I didn't even see as it was very narrow but really deep! Both tyres blew at 26mph and I was very fortunate to stay upright until I came to a stop. Mark Syme who was at the start rode back out for me and called Dave McCormack to come out and pick me up in his car as I had no tools or tubes on me....naturally! Anyway, as we know Dave has won Group and Andy stretched hi lead over me to 22secs for the 2 best combined times and 26secs in front of Sandy with one week to go. I am not 100% if I am competing this week but hopefully we will have the numbers to make it worth while having the last week given the drop off of bodies. Catch you later Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 25/04/19 TT No. 2 02/05/19 TT No. 3 09/05/19 TT No. 4 16/05/19 TT No. 7 06/06/19 TT No. 8 13/06/19 TT No. 7 20/06/19 TT No. 8 27/06/19 PB (This Year) 1 Dave McCormack 16:10:00 15:57:00 15:56:00 15:42:00 15:42:00 2 Andy Taylor 17:35:00 18:03:00 17:19:00 17:21:00 17:51:00 17:19:00 3 Kevin Carr 18:17:00 18:37:00 18:17:00 4 Mark Syme 19:39:00 18:43:00 18:27:00 18:27:00 5 Matt Sobanski 18:31:00 18:53:00 18:31:00 6 Greig Hiddleston 18:44:00 18:44:00 7 Andy McLeod 20:59:00 19:23:00 19:58:00 19:35:00 18:57:00 19:12:00 18:57:00 8 Derek McBurnie 19:28:00 19:03:00 19:35:00 DNF 19:03:00 9 Sandy Ross 19:52:00 19:37:00 19:32:00 19:03:00 19:03:00 10 Don Smith 19:05:00 19:05:00 11 Simon Arnold 19:11:00 19:11:00 12 Aidan Quinlan 20:42:00 19:55:00 20:06:00 19:55:00 13 Kieran Cunningham 21:00:00 20:26:00 20:48:00 20:26:00 14 Dugald McCallum 20:39:00 20:39:00 15 Geoff Clark 21:25:00 21:25:00
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    Sorry for delay in uploading last week's TT results. This was the first week of fair conditions and this was reflected in the times across the board. Current champion Dave made his 2019 debut with a very good time but not quite his best. Big Andy rode well putting down a PB so he will firmly have sub 17m in his sights now for sure. Cracking ride by Mark Syme with his all time best and Andy McLeod showed us what he can do by knocking over a minute and half off his week 1 time. Sandy had a decent ride but I am sure he will have sub 19m in his sights soon. Young Kieran also made good strides by knocking 34s off his best to date so he should break the holy grail of sub 20m in no time. PB's a plenty!!. I think with a bit of warmer air to cut through and favourable wind this week, we may see some more quick times!! Hoping for a healthier turn out this week. Cheers Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 25/04/19 TT No. 2 02/05/19 TT No. 3 09/05/19 TT No. 4 16/05/19 TT No. 5 23/05/19 TT No. 6 30/05/19 TT No. 7 06/06/19 TT No. 8 13/06/19 PB (This Year) 1 Dave McCormack 16:10:00 16:10:00 2 Andy Taylor 17:35:00 18:03:00 17:19:00 17:19:00 3 Kevin Carr 18:17:00 18:37:00 18:17:00 4 Mark Syme 19:39:00 18:43:00 18:43:00 5 Greig Hiddleston 18:44:00 18:44:00 6 Don Smith 19:05:00 19:05:00 7 Andy McLeod 20:59:00 19:23:00 19:23:00 8 Derek McBurnie 19:28:00 19:28:00 9 Sandy Ross 19:52:00 19:37:00 19:37:00 10 Aidan Quinlan 20:42:00 19:55:00 19:55:00 11 Kieran Cunningham 21:00:00 20:26:00 20:26:00 12 Dugald McCallum 20:39:00 20:39:00 13 Geoff Clark 21:25:00 21:25:00
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    So, week 2 completed on another tough night for racing. Fairly strong cold head wind back with rain just to add to the misery 🤢 We welcome Geoff Clark to the TT and he put in a more than respectable first time of 21:25 in these trying conditions. Aidan knocked 47s off last week's time and I surprised myself with 19:28 when I didn't expect to beat 20mins. Dugald also had a good first run of the year after his tendonitis probs so good to see him out again....sub 20 defo on the cards!! Andy and Kev both a little slower than last week, due to weather and fatigue due to other events and good to see Don back in the saddle after his ongoing shoulder issues. Devoid of his usual TT bike and kit he turns up for a leisurely ride on the route to give the legs a wee turn and he puts in a 19:05!! Rips my knitting that does! I thought his basket and paniers would at least have slowed him down a little 😡 Anyway, lets hope for some fairer weather conditions next week. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR FINAL SCORE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR 2 FASTEST TIMES GUYS!! 😉 See you next week speed freaks..... Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 25/04/19 TT No. 2 02/05/19 TT No. 3 09/05/19 TT No. 4 16/05/19 TT No. 5 23/05/19 TT No. 6 30/05/19 TT No. 7 06/06/19 TT No. 8 13/06/19 PB (This Year) 1 Andy Taylor 17:35:00 18:03:00 17:35:00 2 Kevin Carr 18:17:00 18:37:00 18:17:00 3 Greig Hiddleston 18:44:00 18:44:00 4 Don Smith 19:05:00 19:05:00 5 Derek McBurnie 19:28:00 19:28:00 6 Mark Syme 19:39:00 19:39:00 7 Sandy Ross 19:52:00 19:52:00 8 Aidan Quinlan 20:42:00 19:55:00 19:55:00 9 Andy McLeod 20:59:00 20:59:00 10 Kieran Cunningham 21:00:00 21:00:00 11 Geoff Clark 21:25:00 21:25:00 12 Dugald McCallum 20:39:00 20:39:00 13
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    I'm going to enter be good if we could get good turnout in Velo colours to participate in this , good cause as well . Ian
  29. 1 point
    Hi Don this sounds good to me so count me in ........ its my birthday that day so ill eat Colins cake 😀
  30. 1 point
    Really want to do this as I missed it last year. However, there will be plenty cakes available as it's being held on my wife's birthday and I don't have a pass out for that day... yet!
  31. 1 point
    Hi Stuart, That's all good - you are more than welcome to join in on a Sunday club ride anytime. If you are planning to join us this Sunday just watch over the next few days as this Sunday does not look too good at the moment weather-wise. The wind pressure is forecast to be quite strong which if so will have an impact on all club rides. We will keep you updated. Regards, Daniel
  32. 1 point
    I would like to Join the Club, I had initially contacted through Facebook but felt this would be more appropriate. I have spoke with Colin Sales who has highly recommended the club to me. I have been a bit hesitant due to never cycling in a bunch before and if my speed is up to the pace.
  33. 1 point
    Hi. i can drive and take another 3 people (4 in total including myself), Or get a lift, do not mind. Aurelien
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    Pre cycle ,Porridge and 🍌 , with honey . Take a gel not long into cycle Post cycle , protein shake , then anything that takes my fancy , always think I've earned it whether I have or not. Ian
  36. 1 point
    I go for granola and yogurt before along with a coffee and a pint of water. Water and aldi own brand snickers during. Good big lunch or dinner after I get back in depending on the time of day. Probably a bit too greedy when I get home most of the time.
  37. 1 point
    It's worth noting that this is an additional ride that has been organised - the Sunday club rides will still proceed as normal that week .
  38. 1 point
    Alright team, good interest so far with approx 8 confirmed so far. Battle plan is as follows: Leave Canal St station bar car park at 08:00, drive to St Monans football pitches (KY10 2BB) and park up cars; loads of space and free parking. ETA 09:50 Skin suits and aero helmets on (arf arf); Garmins booted up and MAPS loaded - yes we will be navigating with Garmins which I hear is a very good strategy!👺 Arncroach climb first (approx half a Talla) - sorry has to be done! Off then to Crail, flat-ish and fast-ish Kingbarns via Kilrenny loop and if anyone fancies a wee paddle we can head to the beach for a quick stop (haud on it's the North sea and it will be October!!) Off then to St Andrews via Dunino and the Grange road - great fast descent Through to toon and down by the clubhouse for a wee photie or two. Propose a cafe break/ice cream Head out to Strathkinnes for a short loop and then back to St Andrews to take on the coast road climb Pittenweem next and a visit to the harbour before final sprint to the motors at St Monans. Team buses to Anstruther for a fish supper or whatever floats your boat We will see how many we end up with but suggest we stick to one route. If a fast group and slow group we can agree meeting points (St Andrews/Anstruther) Social pace so fast group 16/17 MPH slow 14/15 MPH. If one group in between. Transport-wise if people with cars/racks could they please post so we know roughly who can take who. Champion! - an excellent day awaits us and obviously will keep an eye on the weather. Here is the route - Vuelta East Neuka https://www.strava.com/routes/15481064
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    I'm intolerant of gluten and dairy. It makes things difficult. I can have both but suffer afterwards. Pre ride it's scrambled eggs, raisins, tomatoes. Or fruit soya milk smoothie. I try to prepare post ride meal in advance so it's ready when I come back. Smoked salmon, more eggs, tons of salad, cucumber. Or 2:1 carb:protein shake. I go for MyProteine products as they are one of the cleanest on the market. Check SIS ingredients list. It's as long as big ring summer day out.
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    I used to take an interest in sports nutrition when the wife was active selling hebalife, they did a regain shake and a repair, I think the regain was for distance disciplines and the repair was for hardcore muscle men, but I was sceptical that either would probably do the job anyway.
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    Soprts Shake before, CR7 in the water for during, home for a greet and another shake.
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    I usually have muesli/porridge on the morning, and always a SIS Rego recovery shake after any excercise, which includes protein and carbs.
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    Porridge and banana before any morning ride and a protien shake after ..... But on Sat i had cooked chicken and Beer.
  44. 1 point
    Seriously though, large bowl of porridge before I leave. Milkshake or lunch when I get back. Lunch would have a decent amount of protein in it (salmon bagel from Starbucks is hard decent, chicken salad for Bianco Nero is amazing) or just a protein bar or sis protein gel.
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    Watch this space for announcement for Series B starting 31st July 2018. Derek
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    The waiting is over for Series B of type Georgetown TT as we start this Tuesday 31st July. Those of you who are familiar with it need no direcation, however I have made 1 change to the competion as follows. So, here are the key details: Meeting Location - Car Park new to Aulds factory at Inchinnan Business Park - 1 Brownfield Ave, PA4 9RZ Time - 1st rider away at 6.45pm. So, ideally be there before 6.30pm for registration. Slower riders first preferably! If you are running late you can always just go last rider around 6.50-55pm. Route - 7.2 miles to Houston Roundabout and back. Cost - £2 which goes towards trophies/medals Rules - min 3 runs of the 6 to qualify for a time Change to Rules - This series we will trial a new format whereby your qualifying time will be the culmination of your 3 fastest times as opposed to your single fastest time. (The overall TT champ will still be the person with the fastest time for year). The series winner will be the one with lowest combined time) I hope this makes sense!! We will keep the split, so after week 3 we will create Group 1 & Group 2 with faster riders in Group 1. Volunteers - I will time week 1 but will need a backup timer/ hawderupper So, we need 2 people each week to share these support jobs. We will arrange this week to week and agree on the night who is doing the following week. People not competing might wish to help the club out!!? Lets get good numbers. It is good fun, raises your speed and fitness and you might just win a medal!! Here’s hoping for decent weather on Tuesday and I’ll see you there speed freaks. Derek
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    Truly amazing Don!!!! This is by far the best post I have ever seen on our forum. So much work gone into this, thanks so much. Willie Cosh is also just back from a similar route and is planning a potential cycling break in the Hebrides next year! well done again mate Derek
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    Will take you up on offer to captain north of the river in future. Greg has route planned to take in Crow Road we will be doing in next few weeks. I will text you for suitable date for you and club Ian
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    Having our cafe break today , a few of us started discussing cycle route's during summer months,cycle routes we would like to do, we were saying we would like to cycle to different places . It was also brought up at committee meeting I said I would put something up on forum so guys/ gals could suggest routes for the Captains of different rings could post . What would be helpful if you suggest a route say what ring it is for, you come along on the Sunday we are doing route and help captain with your route knowledge . I will start this off for Middle ring, Route I would like to do with Middle Ring is Crow Road , I have done this before but I'm not confident of Captaining over this route and would need someone with more knowledge of this route to help me out. Another one I would like to do for Middle Ring involves taken our bikes in cars , heading to Aberfoyle then cycling over Duke's pass , nice climb, round Loch Katrine approx 32 miles , good route with lovely scenery , and if you are feeling fit do it in reverse on same day or cycle round Aberfoyle . This is for all Rings if you have favourite cycle post,the Captains will do there best to include this route during the summer months. Ian
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    Great Idea Ian, I know It was discussed at recent Committee meeting and Kudos for taking this on-board! As you know it can be difficult choosing different and interesting routes all the time, and at the back of your mind you are thinking, is this what the majority want, or is it my choice again? So a great opportunity to open it up to the members to have a say on what they want....After all it is YOUR CLUB! so why shouldn't you have an input? Get your wish lists in, and as stated by Greg and Ian, it doesn't have to start from Q bikes! We can have now and a again "an away day!" take cars to get to a different area and start from a different point and perspective! Personally I rode a sportive in Falkirk/West Lothian area earlier this year, and it was great to be on different roads, so happy to look at any suggestions. I would like to explore Stirling area more, so any suggestions?