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    Good numbers at the Abbey this morning with the majority going with the Wee Ring. Middle / Big ringers were Terry, Don, Kevin, Geoff and myself and we set off with the Wee Ring and split from them just after Bishopton where we joined by ex Velo member John Downes who rode with us for a bit. Made rapid progress along West Ferry and Kevin due to time constraints split from us to go up the Clune and head back home as did John shortly after. Battering along the coast the remaining 4 of us soon arrived at The Bagel Basket in Largs just in the nick of time as the JWCC arrived just behind us en masse. Cafe stop over The Haylie Brae beckoned and the least said about that the better! A rapid descent followed down to Kilbirnie and onto the cycle path homeward bound. As always, a great day on the bikes with members looking out for each other.
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    Rememberance Sunday Cycle This Sunday will take us down the coast to Gourock. Wee ring will stay with Middle / Big the pace will be adjusted to suit . Up the cycle track to Port Glasgow, down the clune ( can have a look at what you will be climbing later lol ) and following the road to Gourock. With it being remembrance Sunday, we'll cycle up Lyle hill to the war memorial and will have a stop to pay our respects. From there we'll head back down and have a cafe stop in Gourock. Wee ring will head back to Port Glasgow up the Clune , Kilmacolm , BOW , Georgetown, round airport and home Approx 35 to 40 miles Two good hills. Remember to wrap up and bring the usual essentials including mudguards! We regroup at top of hills , we start together we finish together Remember , fluids , tools , tubes, mobile, money for cafe stop , and bike Meet at 0850 to leave at 0900 Ian
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    Hi guys Just a quick note to keep you posted on the new committee. The list of guys who put themselves forward will be meeting to discuss individual roles and the general future plans. The planned date for this is the 28th of November. Ideally it would be sooner but this is the earliest possible date due to work commitments and holidays. Once we've met, we'll be in touch with more details of plans for roles and responsibilities as well as details on priorities for the coming months and beyond. Appreciate your patience in the meantime and we're looking forward to getting going! Cheers Andy
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    Winter Cycles next 6 week 3 rd November - Middle / Big - Largs Wee Ring - West ferry , Clune 10th November - Middle / Big - Renfrewshire Cycle, Wee ring will do same less miles at there pace 17th November Middle / Big - Helensburgh Wee Ring - Balloch 24th November - Middle / Big East Renfrewshire Wee Ring - East Renfrewshire less miles at there pace 1st December Middle / Big - Largs Wee Ring - West ferry , Clune 8th December Middle / Big - Renfrewshire Wee Ring - Renfrewshire, less miles at there pace You will notice we repeat our self after week 4 , this is our winter program due to not known what winter will bring we really don't want to be doing cycles that involve ferry's etc . We will try and mix up routes by going for example round coast to Largs one week , next block via Greenock cut , but with our winters these routes are subject to change on day
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    Hi all, AGM report attached for your review and information. Section 6 has a list of the discussion points that came up. Clearly we need to get the committee positions sorted soon as we need to advise Scottish Cycling and CTT of our new secretary details this month. Thanks to the people who have stepped up to join the new committee. Support them PLEASE! Derek PVCC AGM Report 2019.pdf
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    This week see's the start of the winter runs and week 1 for Wee Ring . Leaving the Abbey, we'll head through Bishopton, West Ferry and along to Clune up Clune regroup then onto Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir , cafe stop will be at Coach House ( does nice rolls reasonable priced ) and then we have a few options , into Kilbarchan, or Georgetown or cycle path then home , Captain Dave Barr will have a chat see what you would like to do Weather's looking OK at this stage but as is always the case (especially over the winter months) this route is subject to change. Winter months also mean mudguards on bikes...no excuses now, the Velo police will be watching 😉 ! We regroup top of hills , only as fast as slowest cyclist , we start together we finish together Meet at 8.50am at the Abbey bringing the usual stuff...gels, food, phone, tools etc with the usual club rules applying.