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    Looks like the weather is picking up heading towards the weekend, so proposing a nice wee Wee Ring route to get you all back out on the bike again? I personally have not been out in a while and although looking forward to it know my fitness has dropped off, So come and join me and your fellow Club members I'll make you look good!! 😂😂 Looking at heading out of Paisley towards Elderslie, Johnstone and Howwood. Up the Bowfield and across past Greenacres to Canny Man at Lugton. (Unfortunately it wont be open at that time!!) So we shall continue on to the Clerkland Farm Cafe stop just outside Stewarton. Coming out we head back on ourselves and turn right onto Kingston Road and head for Neilston and Barrhead. Before rolling back down into Paisley Plenty of options to bail early or increase your mileage, so should suit most......... Basically saying here, "No Excuses!" 😈🚲😈 https://www.plotaroute.com/route/424592?units=km Approx 30 miles, but a bit hilly in places. Post up please if you are planning on coming out, It really helps with the planning and organisation on the day. 😊   LOOK AT THE ROUTE AND FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH IT! You might be on the front when it's time to turn, make sure you know when and where! 😉   Nice leisurely pace, no one gets left behind, We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on the day and we wait at the top of hills etc.......  Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and a drink Plenty fluids. Money for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!!    Leaving from Paisley Town Hall at 9am, so get there just before 8.50am!
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    Well done to the lads who went out today. Low numbers but not too surprising given the weather this week and into the weekend. Nevertheless, we had Ian, Terry, Big G, Andy T, Davy, Aiden and myself at the Abbey and decided the big ring would head for Largs. I was looking for a shorter run and Aiden wasn’t firing on all cyclinders with a bit of a cold so we planned a shorter route. We rode together till we hit Lochwinnoch but were pretty wet at the time as heavy rain had come on around Howwood. Aiden and I split off there and headed up John’s hill and out to Kilmalcolm thereafter turning back through to BOW and back along the Georgetown. Nice wee 35miler and it was actually quite nice when the sun came out, but pretty gusty I have to say. After a brief stop at Castle Semple to let the rain ease the lads carried on to Largs then round the coast taking in 2 cafe stops on their journey. Over 60 miles for these guys but major kudos to big Andy Taylor who did some extra miles and clocked up a ton! Well done big chap. See you all out soon. Ciao for now Derek
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    Hello All, After monitoring the weather conditions over the last few days, all rings are expected to be abandoned for this week as it is unlikely that anyone will be out. The forecast for tomorrow is pretty poor with a combination of weather factors contributing to this such as cold temperatures (2-3°), heavy rain with potential sleet, and persistent wind with heavy gusts. Naturally the weather may change by tomorrow (as it has done even recently), but at the moment it is not looking good at all. It has been pretty damp and noticeably much colder over the last few days/nights, and although the weather appears to be better than forecast for today - it could easily all change as you get further afield. Typically if any riders are planning to go out tomorrow - or for those that may decide to do so in the morning - please declare your intent in our chat group and keep watch there for information on what others are doing. The routes planned for this week were expected to be based locally with plenty of bail opportunities if needed. If any do decide to go out tomorrow then they can plan a route that suits themeselves based on the conditions at the time. For everyone else there are plenty more good days ahead of us to get out and enjoy.
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    Weather Dependent so keep an eye on WhatsApp. Dark Ring Fast Bunch Hillington Loop tomorrow night (07th March 2019) leaving the Abbey for 18.45 Ssharp LIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL. Propose to do one lap reconnaissance and a some alternating efforts. Pace is high and group split is dependent on numbers/ability on the night. Segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/16225918 19.00 Meeting Spot Google MapsPin: https://maps.google.com/?cid=4190942552704653003
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    Hi folks, I've been doing this ride for the past few years. It starts in Tongue in the far north and goes through some spectacular scenery in the middle of nowhere. The money raised is all for a good local cause. Much better than the corporate etape Caledonia etc where about 1% of the money goes to a good cause. If anyone fancies it gimme a shout. My wife's family are starting an Air bnb in a house that belongs to the family so if it's ready in time accommodation should be sorted. I can't promise that the renovations will be finished in time but I think the plan is for it to sleep 6. The link is posted below. https://www.cyclinginthestraths.co.uk/
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    Yeah, driving is pretty much the only way to get there. I'm up a few times a year visiting. Depending on the time of year I usually take my bike or hillwalking gear. The wind is something else. Especially if you're going on the coast road from Tongue round to Durness.
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    Update [Sat 2nd March @ 11:00am]: Meet-up time for those attending this event will be at 08:45 at Paisley Town Hall / Abbey. That gives us plenty of time to get down there, checked in, and organised. Although it should remain dry with some sunshine, it is going to be a bit windy tomorrow with potentially some heavy gusts so make sure you have gloves and a jacket. There is a sportive event on this week that a number of club members will be attending. If you are unaware of this event you can find more information about it in this topic here: Be advised that we are predominantly participating in the 45 mile route for this event - though we may opt to do additional miles once concluded. This is an organised event involving other clubs and riders, therefore if you want to join us it is adviseable that you register and pay online to make the process smoother for everyone on the day. The Johnstone Wheelers are hosting the event therefore it helps them out greatly if they know before-hand how many riders are expected to attend - lets make it easy for them. Registration for the event can be made on British Cycling here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/195167/Don-Smith-Memorial-Ride-2019 The club rides will continue as normal this week for those that are not participating in this specific event - please see those topics for additional information on what is planned. For those attending this event we want to get down there sharpish and not to be in a rush trying to get there. We will confirm meet-up times before the weekend and meet at the Paisley Town Hall as per usual. Those that live on the route we can pick you up on the way - you don't need to come to the Town Hall. We will be taking the cycle path from Canal Station all the way to Lochwinnoch.
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    This week the big ring will be heading out over the bridge towards Helensburgh, up Sinclair Street and then towards Balloch and then back home. Cafe stop planned for Balloch. Aprox 48 miles. For those wanting more miles, there's the option to split at the foot of Sinclair Street and head towards Faslane and then up and over Glen Fruin. I;ve not done that part before so someone will need to captain that bit. https://www.plotaroute.com/map/768901 Usual rules apply...tidy bunch, regroup at top of hills and pace dictated by slowest rider. Bring food, gels, money for cafe stop and spare tubes/tools for bike in case of any mechanical's. Leaving the abbey at 9.00 so meet just before.