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    • Guys / Gals ,   ( Subject to government and British  Cycling Club Guidelines)   Hope you are all well and enjoying good cycling weather this summer    Reunion  Cycle,  fingers crossed there is light at end of tunnel and we are able to post cycles again on weekly basis.   This  week's  cycle is all rings going to Helensbugh in our bunches Wee / Middle / Big    Big setting out first and other rings to follow , we will meet up in Helensburgh Square  for catch up all rings in Velo colours ( if you have them ) . Once catch up  over we will go our separate ways with Captains , there is plenty of routes from Helensburgh    Sinclair  Dr , Balloch , Home  Approx 54 miles Glen Fruin ,Balloch , Home Approx  64 miles  Kilgreggon,  Glen Fruin ,Balloch  , Home Approx 80 miles Arrochar , Balloch , Home , Approx 80 miles    Just a few examples of what we can do, at Helensburgh  the Captains will talk to there appropriate Rings  to see what they want to do . It would be great to see a good turnout on reunion cycle although I say with a word of caution,  no approval it will be off    We are only as fast as slowest cyclist , start together finish together    Remember Tubes  , tools , nutrition , money , mobile   MEETING  0800 PAISLEY  ABBEY   Ian
    • Hi Ian ,   Have a look at New Members page , gives you general idea of where you need to be in terms of cycling fitness . We always welcome new members and if you don't feel ready for bunch cycle , I'm sure some of guys or gals would go out with you to give you basics on cycling with a club .    Hope this helps    Ian Morris 
    • back on a bike for first time in 8 years personally i blame liam for inspiring me not sure im fit enough just now to join a bunch but hopefully over the coming weeks of lockdown i will get up to speed 
    • All Club Cycles are cancelled until further notice. Our overriding priority is to ensure your health and safety as the nation moves through this difficult time. Stay well, and refer to the Scottish and national government guidelines.
    • £58 for the Sunday or £78 for the weekend.    🙄🙄🙄