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  2. 9 of us met for 8am at the Abbey - Ian, Dave R, Andy T, Adian, James, Michael, Dimitar, Mark H and myself. With the planned run being a fairly long one our thoughts were on the weather as the forecast didn't look too great from early afternoon onwards so it was fingers crossed and off we went. We set off at a decent pace and we almost made it to Helensburgh incident free. James' rear tubular had decided it'd had enough and sprayed sealant everywhere and including onto me as I was behind him at that bit. Lovely! ­čÖä A quick pump up the tyre and we were off again and we soon reached the gel stop at the monument in Helensburgh. Gel stop over and it was wagons roll but almost immediately it was trouble again for James as the tyre had gone again. This time it really was game over for him and it was about turn for him and the dreaded call for the broom wagon. The rest of us cracked on Kilcreggan bound. En-route the group split with Mark, Andy, Dimitar and Aidan turning off to tackle the Peaton Road climb leaving the rest of us to head straight to the cafe albeit having to overcome a cheeky wee climb ourselves. During the cafe stop itself ex Velo member Colin Sales arrived on his club run with JWCC. It was good too see him and with the hello's and pleasantries over it was back on the bikes as we headed to Glen Fruin for the toughest climb of the day. Always a nasty one and we all eventually made it up. Onwards to Balloch and it was homeward bound with the weather, thankfully holding out for us. A decent day, a great run with some strong cycling on show.
  3. Nice wee run today for those of us just looking for local ride and not overly taxing. We welcomed Derek Wallace from Bishopton today and he slotted into the group seamlessly. Dave Barr rode out rather gingerly with us to the top of the Bowfield but he then head back to Paisley to take some rest for his ongoing back problem. Andy McLeod, Geoff, Derek and myself carried on out past the Cannie Man and out to Stewarton via Dunlop. Cafe stop at Clerkland Farm then over the lumpy wee back road into Neilston and Barrhead. This worked well with the south westerly wind. 34 miles or so and at nice pace with good company as usual. Perfect for a first run post holidays See ya soon Cheers Derek
  4. Hi Derek, Looking to join a club run for the first time tomorrow. 35 mile or so sounds great. Would it be ok to join? Many thanks, Derek Wallace.
  5. Hey troops. Who is up for a 35mile or so run this Sunday? I am thinking of a few routes but will decide either nearer the time or on the day depending on weather and who is out. Possibly Stewarton Clerkland Farm and back over and farm road to Neilston, Clune Kilmacolm BOW then Boarding House or perhaps Strathaven which would be a bit longer. Meeting at 9am Abbey you will be well prepared as usual. LetÔÇÖs hope for nice weather and a great wee run Cheers Derek
  6. Planet x Maratona size small ultegra di2 groupset and carbon wheels £1300
  7. Giant tcr size small for sale £300
  8. KILGREGGON This Sunday we ´╗┐will´╗┐ leave the ´╗┐Abbey at 8 a´╗┐m ´╗┐( note´╗┐´╗┐time ) we are heading´╗┐ to Helensburgh ( gel stop monument ) then onto Kilgreggon , cafe stop , we cycle back same way back till Glen Fruin over to Balloch and back to base, approx 70 to 80 miles We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on ´╗┐the day and we wait at the top of hills , we start together we finish together Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and´╗┐ Plenty ´╗┐fluids. ´╗┐M´╗┐oney for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!! ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ See you at Abbey 0750 ´╗┐
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  10. Guys´╗┐ this Saturday the 13th July Big Gav's bunch run will be leaving the Abbey for 08:00. Coastal run down through Bishopton,Greenock,Gourock, round to IBM and home. Around 50 miles. With the weather looking good some may continue right around the coast (Usually stop in Largs). This will be a fast pace and depending on numbers it might split into 2 groups. Group 1 19+ Mph´╗┐ Group 2 17-18 mph Cafe stop for IBM loop will be either back in paisley or the Farm in Inchinnan.´╗┐´╗┐ Leaving from Paisley Town Hall at 8am, so get there just before ´╗┐7.50am´╗┐!´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐ Remember the essentials . Bring´╗┐ a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and a drink ´╗┐Plenty ´╗┐fluids oh and your bike . ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ https://www.strava.com/routes/15650747
  11. Not done this route for a while Symington This Sunday we will leave the Abbey at 8 am ( note time ) we are heading´╗┐ to Barrhead , Lochlibo road , Torranyard, Dreghorn, Dundonald, Cafe stop Langloan farm , Gateshead , Kilmarnock , A77 back to base approx 62 miles ´╗┐ See you at the Abbey at ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐07. 50 ´╗┐ LOOK AT ´╗┐THE ROUTE AND FAMILI´╗┐ARISE YOURSELF WITH IT! You might be on´╗┐ the front when it's time to turn, make sure you know when and where we are going We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on ´╗┐the day and we wait at the top of hills etc....... ´╗┐ Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and Plenty ´╗┐fluids. ´╗┐M´╗┐oney for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!! ´╗┐´╗┐
  12. Ride Captain for this is Dave Barr. This Sunday we will leave the Abbey at 9am as usual and we are heading to Stewarton Via the Howood and the Bowfield. See you at the Abbey at 08:50 sharp. LOOK AT ´╗┐THE ROUTE AND FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH IT! You might be on the front when it's time to turn, make sure you know when and where! We ride at the pace of the slowest rider on the day and we wait at the top of hills etc....... Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and Plenty ´╗┐fluids. ´╗┐M´╗┐oney for coffee/tea, and a mobile phone......and your bike!! ´╗┐ https://www.strava.com/routes/20166696
  13. Preshal Trust Charity Run (Isle of Arran) Isle of Arran, UK
  14. Earlier than usual start at the Abbey with Ian, Dave B, Michael, James, Aurelien, Rab and guest rider Kenny all heading off at 8am towards the airport where they met myself at the lights at the swing-bridge. With Ian & James leading the pack, we made ourselves out towards the bridge in a disciplined tidy bunch and with everyone taking their turn at the front it wasn't long before we reached Helensburgh. It was at that point Aurelien took advantage of the bail out point and turned back leaving the 7 of us to head up towards and by Faslane as we kept tabs on Rab making sure he didn't end up going up Glen Fruin again as he did before on a previous encounter ­čśé! After grinding out the climb just after Faslane, we rolled into Arrochar where the ladies at The Three Villages Cafe served up freshly baked warm scones and fruit slices (Andy T, just as well you weren't there as we all know how much you just can't stand WARM scones­čśë!). Refreshed and ready to go, it was a short but steady climb towards Tarbet and then re-grouping as we headed towards Balloch in single file as the road down was busy. We cut off the main road to join the old A82 where although it's traffic free, the emphasis is definitely placed on the word "old" as we found the surface "challenging" in places to say the least! Thankfully we all made it to Duck Bay free of any mechanical's and took a well deserved quick break not that Rab needed it of course thanks to the Countervail technology he mentioned (just a few times) on his lovely Bianchi! Break over and it was back on the saddles and homeward bound. Another great day for the Velo with laughs a plenty. Viva la Velo!
  15. Preshal Trust Charity Run (Isle of Arran)
  16. I'm intending to do Three Lochs tomorrow leaving Abbey 8am , this involves cycling to Arrochar and back via old Balloch road , it is 80 miles from Abbey . There is plenty of bail out points if you can't do whole cycle , can cycle to Erskine then do own cycle , Balloch , Helensburgh Sinclair Dr or Glen Fruin , if you carry on you are in for Arrochar , cafe stop Arrochar then cycle back to base. Usual rules , only as fast as slowest cyclist , regrouping on hills , remember drinks , gels etc ABBEY 8AM start
  17. Hi all, I have Castelli shorts (not bibs) for sale is size Large. All black, bought in late 2018 to train on a turbo in winter but find them too tight (Castelli sizing). I've used them maybe 3 times. As new condition. I'm looking for £50
  18. This is a good event. Not the most serious so very accessible for folk who want to try an open event. Would be good to get some guys over. Disappointed the CX race has been moved to November. Enjoyed the borderline summer conditions.
  19. Folks this Sunday is the Annual Steel is Real Run. A fun day out for all club members. From Ian Ross: Join us for the day and help us celebrate the elixir of life, The Steel Bike. If you have a steel bike bring it, if not bring what you have. If you have Vintage cycling kit, wear it, if not, wear what you have. Meet the ferry at Gourock for 10.30. Thereafter we go for a run up Loch Eck, where we have a traditional brew up. Afterwards we split into groups, those stuck for time can head straight back, or you can stretch the legs on some of Scotland's finest cycling roads. So the plan is to meet at Gourock ( McInroys Point) for the 10:30 ferry. So we have a few options available. Big/Middle ring cycle down and back so letÔÇÖs meet at the Abbey at 08:30. Roughly 70-80 miles. Wee ring either cycle down and train back, train down and cycle back or train down and back or we look at taking cars to the ferry. Train times are 09:35 from Paisley Gilmour St gets you into Gourock at 10:10 and a 2 mile cycle to the ferry. Train times from Gourock are 23 mins past the hour 13:23,14:23,15:23. Ferry times from Dunoon are 20 mins to the hour so 12:40,13:40,15:40. Usual club rules apply bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and plenty fluids. Also a sandwich and some cake for the tea wouldnÔÇÖt go a miss. Please post on here or the Wattsapp group with your intentions. Mark
  20. Anybody interested in taking part in the Bute weekend , something to choose for most folks 21st / 22nd September ? (The weekend before borders trip I believe ) Serpentine Hill climb 10mile TT CX race APR road race - Novice , 20 miles APR road race - std - 40 miles entry is Via CTT website and TLI .
  21. Folks, thinking of this for Tuesday night its a route that we done last year and we all enjoyed it. Meet at the Abbey at 18:15 where we will head out to Howwood and we can either climb the Bowfield or descend it at the end. LOOK´╗┐ AT ´╗┐THE ROUTE AND FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH IT! You might be on the front when it's time to turn, make sure you know when and where! Bring a helmet, spare tubes, tools, nutrition and Plenty ´╗┐fluids and a mobile phone......and your bike!! Strava Route Attached : https://www.strava.com/routes/19799899
  22. Week 7 and we have 3 helpers and 3 riders. Andy, Matt and myself took on the course on which had it's prevailing headwind on the way out then naturally a good tail wind on the way back. Both Andy and Matt put good times in but 10-15secs off their PB's. I had an off night as I went off too fast and got a stitch which was very painful and I couldn't shake off so half way out I chucked it and just slow pedalled to the roundabout in the hope that the stitch would clear and I could have a blast back which is what happened. However, towards the end of the long straight I hit a pot hole that I didn't even see as it was very narrow but really deep! Both tyres blew at 26mph and I was very fortunate to stay upright until I came to a stop. Mark Syme who was at the start rode back out for me and called Dave McCormack to come out and pick me up in his car as I had no tools or tubes on me....naturally! Anyway, as we know Dave has won Group and Andy stretched hi lead over me to 22secs for the 2 best combined times and 26secs in front of Sandy with one week to go. I am not 100% if I am competing this week but hopefully we will have the numbers to make it worth while having the last week given the drop off of bodies. Catch you later Derek Paisley Velo CC Championship TT No. 1 25/04/19 TT No. 2 02/05/19 TT No. 3 09/05/19 TT No. 4 16/05/19 TT No. 7 06/06/19 TT No. 8 13/06/19 TT No. 7 20/06/19 TT No. 8 27/06/19 PB (This Year) 1 Dave McCormack 16:10:00 15:57:00 15:56:00 15:42:00 15:42:00 2 Andy Taylor 17:35:00 18:03:00 17:19:00 17:21:00 17:51:00 17:19:00 3 Kevin Carr 18:17:00 18:37:00 18:17:00 4 Mark Syme 19:39:00 18:43:00 18:27:00 18:27:00 5 Matt Sobanski 18:31:00 18:53:00 18:31:00 6 Greig Hiddleston 18:44:00 18:44:00 7 Andy McLeod 20:59:00 19:23:00 19:58:00 19:35:00 18:57:00 19:12:00 18:57:00 8 Derek McBurnie 19:28:00 19:03:00 19:35:00 DNF 19:03:00 9 Sandy Ross 19:52:00 19:37:00 19:32:00 19:03:00 19:03:00 10 Don Smith 19:05:00 19:05:00 11 Simon Arnold 19:11:00 19:11:00 12 Aidan Quinlan 20:42:00 19:55:00 20:06:00 19:55:00 13 Kieran Cunningham 21:00:00 20:26:00 20:48:00 20:26:00 14 Dugald McCallum 20:39:00 20:39:00 15 Geoff Clark 21:25:00 21:25:00
  23. I accidentally added the report for this ride onto SaturdayÔÇÖs Run so refer to that for report. cheers Derek
  24. Great run today thanks to Michael, Tahir, Big G, Stevie Murphy, Nic, Caleb, Aurelien, Davy and myself of course ­čśë. Davy just stayed local due to his back problems leaving the 8 remaining to head over the Erskine Brudge and out to Helensburgh. Really nice morning with just some lights winds here and there for company. Sinclair street was fun....as usual but the reward of flying back down to Balloch makes it all worth while. Coffee stop at the Golden Arches in Balloch then back to Paisley for 1pm as planned at an average speed of 15.3mph which wasnÔÇÖt bad at all. Kudos goes to Nic who is so much stronger this year so all her triathlon training is clearly paying off. Also to Aurelien who has not been out much with us showing his running is keeping his base fitness up, although he needs to work on his traffic light colours! To Stevie Murphy who had a good weekend and clocking up almost 100miles. To Caleb who is just getting back to fitness after his mountain bike accident where he broke his clavichal and wrist. And finally to Big G, Michael and Tahir for just being solid and great company. This Run was just about riding our bikes and enjoying everything that goes with it and being part of a club. Nice one to all and see you next time. Cheers Derek
  25. Guys just a reminder of the Borders Sept weekend from 27-29th Sept. I have the following manes down as going but there are still spaces Dugald , Mark S, Ian M , Terry , Simon , Greg , Andy T , Dave B , Gav , Dereck , Don, Andy McL , Aiden , Matt S , James Anyone interested PM me on WhatsApp Thanks Dugald
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